How are these quiz sites getting so much traffic?

Hey everyone.

I recently came across some quiz/trivia websites that generates a HUGE amount of traffic each month.

And I have been trying to figure out where the traffic is coming from, from what I can see from similarweb 10-70%+ of their traffic is coming from email.

And the rest of it is direct traffic.

All of the sites requires you to share your email or login with facebook in order to start the quiz, or to see the results of the quiz.

This is obviously explains how they are getting the emails, but how are they generating the inital traffic? Where did those people come from in the first place.

0 social traffic, 0 search, 0 referring traffic.

They aren’t inventicivizing social shares on the sites either to generate viral traffic.

So it’s just direct traffic and email, and here is how similarweb describes “direct traffic”:

Direct : Traffic sent from users that directly entered a URL into a browser saved bookmarks or any links from outside the browser (such as on Microsoft Word).

  • Direct traffic will often come from people with an awareness of, or affinity for, a given site. Thus, visitors from Direct are likely to be amongst some of the website’s most loyal and engaged users. Use this metric to assess a website’s brand strength (awareness and demand).


Here is some of the sites I’m referring to: traveltrivia com / braincandy net / pollking com / triviaflix com / bibletrivia com / triviadaily com / triviagenius com / triviapop com / triviatoday com

and the list goes on.

This might be a simple answer, but I just cannot seem to understand it [image]

Hope someone can help me understand! Thank you.