How are you creating/getting accounts?

Hey guys, really want to ramp up my accounts so need to create more or buy more. I’d prefer to create as I have more time than I do money.

I’m finding that even with using 1 IP per account creation through MP and verifying the proxy, I’m getting the account creation error. Guess some of these should only be used for maintaining. Some of the proxies I have are explicitly not allowed to account create.

Also trying through my burner phone with a new simcard, fresh after phone reset, using chrome incognito and the 3g/4g with the sim, or leeching wifi using my other phone’s wifi to broadcast as a tethered network to try and change details. Guessing IG is picking up the phone’s config and finding it the same.

Also trying using bluestacks, bs tweaker and Proxifier.

Lots of problems either getting an error on account creation (the standard there has been a problem) or inst phone verification and ban after logging in to new account.

Has anyone got any suggestions, methods, or know any good account sellers?


I never created Instagram account myself, I just buy them from: the website changed it’s layout to something else but maybe you can contact them via email and see if they are still selling Instagram accounts.

Edit: One of Mass Planner users reported to me that he got accounts from but they are not that good quality anymore and the seller isn’t answering his messages anymore so you can try it at your own risk or look for another trusted seller.


To be honest, I created couple of accounts myself, but real accounts, via IG app on phone. Couple of them through embedded browser too. I don’t think it’s worth it when you can buy aged accounts pretty cheap.

Looks like isn’t in the business anymore, but there’s this site:
I haven’t used it yet, my friend did, he says accs are ok, but buy it on your own risk.

If you’re still interested in creating your own accounts, @rfurdzik posted a thread recently that I think you’ll benefit from:


When creating accounts thru BlueStacks, make sure to change the data (Google Advertising ID, all that shit in the top left) as well as phone model between each account… But importantly, make sure to clear the cache/data of IG by clearing data in the app settings. oh and you can and should get a new ip by turning on/off the phone’s airplane mode if you’re using the phone as a hotspot. good luck

Doing all this :cry:

I’m gonna try using my main IP and resetting the router or changing the mac, has anyone got a better guide than cryo’s? just tried a reset and ip didn’t change.

I’ve created quite a few accounts using the BlueStacks method and I have bought quite a few accounts and in my experience, unless you are willing to give the newly created accounts a few months to “age”, it is not worth the time spent creating them.

5, 6 month old accounts go for a few bucks each so you are not saving too much money by doing it yourself.

Can you tell me a bit more about your experience with new accounts vs aged ones?

My thinking is that slowly (say, over the course of two weeks or a month) warmed-up and scaled-up new accounts would be just as good as 5+ month-old accounts that are dropped into full-speed-ahead MP settings overnight, after having sat idle for those 5 months since creation.

Of course, a 5-month-old account that is warmed up for a month and THEN “put to work” would be better than an absolutely fresh one, that’s true.

Did you experience a lot of bans? What were you using the accounts for?

I’m just starting my IG exploration and while I’ve set up 5 of my own accts, I’d be open to buying 5 aged ones and trying them out. But I’d like to hear from people who have experience. Thanks for any thoughts. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t make that clear in the original post, but even when I buy accounts, I still warm them up. All of these “aged” accounts have just been created X months ago, they have zero posts or usage history so I still take the time to warm them up. I’ve never tried to just buy an account and dump it full speed into MP, but I cannot imagine it going well :slight_smile:

I haven’t experienced any bans yet, but any PVs that I had to deal with have always been from the new accounts. Someone might say that it is the way I create those (and they could be right), but I did take all the necessary steps and then some to make sure the accounts are legit. This leads me to the conclusion that the PVs come from their age (lack of). Just my experience of course.


Oh yeah, three of the five accounts I’ve created have been PV’ed basically immediately. As soon as I do anything other than create them. That’s not that big a deal for me - I’ve got something of a financial cushion (bonus from work) to invest in this, so I figure might as well have the PV out of the way, because it might come to that anyway at any point.

Regarding warming up - what does that mean for you, how do you go about it? I’ve seen advice ranging anywhere from taking a month to do it, to scaling up to 900 in less than 10 days, to the thread popular on this board (Instagram Settings To Keep Your Account Safe) where the guy recommends following 300-600 per day right off the bat for new accounts (although Johnny does chime in to say that half that is probably safer).

Slow and steady wins the race, of course, but I’d like to be only as slow as necessary, not so slow that I spend three weeks or whatever idle…

Thanks again for any comments. :slight_smile:

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I do something similar to the first post here -

For a purchased account:

Day 1 - add to proxy, change password
Day 2 - rest
Day 3 - change email
Day 4 - rest
Day 5 - 5 - 10 likes
Day 6 - change username
Day 7 - rest
Day 8 - 25 - 35 likes
Day 9 - 50 likes
Day 10 - 25 - 35 follows
Day 11 - 50 - 65 follows
Scale from there.

Basically, I want to change all the login info, rest in between these major changes, get a few likes, get more likes, get a few follows, get more follows and if no issues arise scale from there.


This is a question I was asking myself for a long time.

I see such pros and cons. When I open account using proxy, they are mainly datacenter proxies, that are rented for some proxy seller. They mainly got the whole ranges while rental because ips providers can not divide them for smaller packages.
So I created account using this proxy, and someone else (who bought proxies from the same seller), that have a proxy next to mine do something wrong, push too much, and get bans. Let’s say that there will be more such situation. I think I can get backfire, and IG will focus attention also on my IP. At least I’d do that.

On the other hand IG know that mobile ips are not fixed, and you can have many residential ip just switching to flight mode. So they can not ban you just because you changed IP from one to the other. But what then when I want to automate it and put to MP, I have to use proxy, and my initial Ip is no were near the proxy, does it not attract attention?

Which solution is better? Which accounts are “stronger”, I heard that accounts created on proxies are weak.

Moved to existing thread about account creation. There’s a lot of threads about it here, please use the search function on the forum before posting the question that was already asked 100s of times.

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