How are you growing right now?

I’m curious what settings/strategies/tools/hacks you’re using. Please share how you’re doing this. :slight_smile:

Not really doing my own growth, just growing clients with Jarvee using F/UF scraping method.

Everything organic.

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we are doing everything manually, we have 2 strategy, f/u and engagement strategy

F/U using S/M+EB and context actions

Comments+ bio mentions

Dm’s+ story viewing

I’m growing my account with Jarvee using Follow/Unfollow method, DMs, and Like comment tool + reply after like comment. I will probably try the mention tool soon.

This method by @Hadi works great with me, you just need to work around and find the right proxy and get the right scraper accounts, and it shows great results.

Quality Content Posting

I’m doing this for clients, so it really depends on what they need and what they want. But Follow/Unfollow using scrape to main method with DMs is always part of the combination.

That’s not an strategy, it’s a requirement today. There are millons of accounts posting excellent content and they do not grow at all.


Not only that, I would say contents quality has absolutely no relevance when it comes to engagement. It appeals to everyone’s common sense, but in a big numbers game it’s all about how many people will see your content what is regulated by the algorithm.
Algorithm has absolutely no possibility to determine what has more value or quality, it’s all about the metrics. Shit content that will be shown to 100,000 people will work much better than unique quality stuff shown to 1000.

Quality is not even a secondary thing, at this point it could be ignored as a factor

you forget one important point, if the content is “bad” but IG shows it to many people means that actually is not bad, what for you and me is good/bad might not be the same for other people so the algo does a very simple job checking the engagement, if for some reason ppl likes a really piece of sh***t IG will continue to show it to more and more ppl.
Bottom line…what we considered bad became good for a group of people so…as I said… good content is a requirement :wink:

Note: The trick is simple, know your audience, test them, get to know them :wink:

That is true in general, I meant posting the same content on two accounts, low quality or high quality- doesn’t matter, will have two completely different outcomes if you tick all boxes in algo and rake the er in one case, and do the opposite in the second one. What makes content irrelevant for the results.

Content won’t be ever irrelevant, comparing the results that a post obtains between accounts has nothing to do with the importance of good content.
Content, of course is a requirement, if not you don’t have a post :wink: and good content is proven that is better than bad. I said and I repeat, is it a requirement not an strategy, IG doesn’t care that you are posting to grow an account, IG cares only that people engage with your content so they stay more time in the platform.

Content is KING, absolutely! can you grow with bad content? absoultely, but not only posting.

The second part is true. The first one is debatable, but not here to debate.
The question was how are you growing right now & I gave the answer that’s growing my accounts.

Such is life :slight_smile:

Cheers mate

What’s the “mention” method?

Also, how good is story viewing method?