How can I create my own 4G proxies?

Hi @Giuseppe_Leonardi,

Sounds great! BUT, with all respect, if you have to ask this, it will be a big pain in the a… :wink:

You can find some explanations on the net, but make 1 mobile proxy is doable, but expanding that will give some issues.




Hi, start with a raspberry pi along with squidproxy, there is plenty of info on the internet, when confronted to a roadblock, ask the question precisely to google you’ll get an answer.

Don’t listen too much to people telling you won’t make it if you have to ask (sorry dma0245, no offense), alone you won’t make it, but internet is a big place.

I did one proxy with a raspberry 3b+, a HUAWEI 4g dongle, squidproxy and webmin. It was few months ago and i remember i struggled quite a bit as the noob that i am. But i hanged for hours on internet to find solutions for the problems i encountered. At the end you find out that the pain comes from very small details that any fellow with experience would nail in few minutes. So tbh i don’t really understand why people asking for this kind of things here and other social marketing forums are often deterred to do so…

On the other end, if you think you gonna run 10 reposts accounts at 700 F/700 UF/700like and story views per day on a 50go dataplans, you gonna have a bad surprise.


you can use a powered usb adaptor, each usb dongle with create a windows connection (win 10) you just need to assign each connection a proxy server (ccproxy works)!

I haven`t done this but i believe its possible to use the space on the usb dongle to run the proxy server!

you`ll be lucky to find a english tut on the web!!

good luck!

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thank you first for the answers given to me, I state that I have already created proxies in the past but with different systems, I know how difficult it can be to venture into these things but it’s worth it only for the experience they bring.

@Ritonton do you think 50gb are few?

Hi, i had some tests.
1 account with actions: 750 follows/750 unfollows/750 likes/2 post per day + some scraping actions requires around 0,5 GB per month

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Hello guys,

So do you find a good tutorial for this problem?


Hey Giuseppe, we are from the same country and I’m almost done with the same thing, only finishing the website and adding the last necessary features.

Was planning to buy a new car before getting into this project. Had to invest all that money into it.

Dont want to put you down but it’s way harder than you can think before doing it. The first engineer I hired was sure to be able to do it, he failed and wasted one month of my time and of course some money.
Wasted so much money into testing the right hardware, when you solve something there is always something else you hadn’t think yet to do.

If you are doing it for yourself and you dont need a website too I guess you can get away with it with 6k for 100 proxies. Each dongle cost almost 30€ when bought in bulk and you have to find someone that can code and setup everything for you, surely 20/25€ per hour guys wont be able to do the job.

Regarding the usage per month I gave some test proxies to a guy that runs clients accounts. 10 accounts per proxy and he uses 70GB/MO more or less. He surely post, scrape and has all the tools on btw so you could maybe stay in the 50GB scraping externally and optimizing a little bit.


The fact, as @dma0245 said is that doing 1 on 1 PC is a thing, doing more than one is totally different. Here’s why people deter everyone asking from doing it.

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I concur. I got quite frustrated with how complicated it was getting to setup numerous NIC’s on the same machine. I ended up using numerous raspberry-pi’s, each with 1 usb dongle + squid proxy, and it’s been somewhat flawless ever since. I even paid somebody on fiverr to setup squid for $15. Just had to download a remote-server package on Linux Debian for them to access the pi. Then clone the SD-Card multiple times, and voila… This method requires some beginner level command-line stuff, and will have some headaches, so its not for the faint of heart, but its possible for a complete n00b to setup :slight_smile:

As others mentioned… must try an approach, any approach, and as you hit a roadblock, google or ask about that specific problem, because it will be specific to your computer’s networking setup… Theres 1000s of places where there might be a problem from your broadband modem>wifi-router>DHCP settings>OS>Firewall>Spyware/Antivirus>etc… no 2 computer setups are the same


The biggest technical challenge in the US at least… is finding any SIM cards with data plans that even make creating your own a feasible solution. Currently everything is too expensive to even bother :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheapest data only thing I could find is $15/month for 2gb data, which is just crazy. You people outside the US are damn lucky in that regard. And maybe others, but I’ll leave politics out of this topic :rofl:


i’ve heard in USA unlimited data plan costs around $50, am i wrong ?

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Yeah that’s about right, for regular providers like Verizon, AT&T and the other big companies, which is not realistic if you can only run 1-2 accounts/month for that price.


Installing multiple linux systems can’t be that hard lol.

some of us in other countries have access to pretty sweet plans. LTE 40-60GB /month for $15-$20. Slower 3G plans can be found with unlimited data for about $10.

In the US - does MetroPCS have the cheapest family plan with big data limits?

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Suppose it’s 10 $ / simcard, you would need to put at least 3 accounts for it to be profitable no ?

Mobile proxies can run 10/20 accounts on them, not sure why you are referring to 1/2 accounts only.


No it’s not.

Believe me, If i am going to try this, 64% of europe will be out of power…


Can you run MP in a remote VPS with mobile proxies you hosted?

Can’t understand your question. Can I access the VPS with them? That woulnd’t make any sense.

he means he wants to use his mobile proxies, he have at home, on his mp thats on a vps