IG phone verification requests

For me, the 4G proxy works well.
Other proxies have a lock.
I will be transferring all accounts to proxy 4G in a few days

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Did you begin automating the accounts very soon after their creation?

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no some were bought aged and some were new but I waited for few weeks.

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I don’t really know how 4G proxies work so will need to search for a thread here probably to get to know it.

High proxies are specifically for loosing a lot of money and getting nothing in exchange for that.

Seriously, don’t use them. I really don’t understand why Jarvee is still recommending them.

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Please :slight_smile:


Thank you. DO you suggest using 4g proxies?

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You are a star! thanks so much

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Personally I use only mobile proxies for my Instagram accounts. But residential or private IPv4 proxies are also good. Depends also on what you need them for. Every kind proxy has its advantages.


@socialperks smh he did the same thing you could do bro. He used the search function. I really don’t understand why this is so hard for everybody. Not trying to be a jerk but a lot of these threads being opened are so unnecessary. Just repeated information over and over and links to already discussed threads.

In regards to your original question which you opened up a new thread about, the mega thread talks extensively about these PV loops. Please read there.

Please @socialperks, check again what I said because I modified now

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In my humble opinion it should not be blocked, the reason is simple for me, this topic is not directly related to the block waves.

Many people are talking things that has no directly relation to that topic, that topic to many is a general chat and not a Action Block thread.

I did search I am not lazy. Many here seem to get very frustrated with people asking questions. I think its a forum to help each other and not have a go at them. I had a specific question and I could not find the answer. thank you for your reply hope I did not take too much of your time.

Please use 4g proxy.
That happened because you use low quality proxy.

Have you solved this problem?
I still haven’t solved it.

I’ve tried both private proxies and DC Proxy
I’ve changed my device and deleted cookies.

But it hasn’t been solved yet.
Is the solution 4g proxy?
Can you tip me?

This maybe caused by many factors, and mostly related to the accounts trust score!! do you have link in your bio?

no. have a not bio link.

just blank.

You should try 4g since it’s the only one you haven’t.

No link in bio. Is it good to have one?

I Use many 4g and DC proxies and have never received a PV.

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