How can I get traffic from tumblr?

Hey guys,

do you know how to get traffic from tumblr? I made an adult account but I see when you search with tumblr app that you can’t find any adult page. What are your ideas to get attention on tumblr?

Posting pictures is obviously

i remember growing one in that space years ago. Got to 17k followers in less than a year from sharing really curated posts and reposts. I shared a post every day.

I used very niche specific hashtags on the posts and looked at accounts who shared similar content and reblogged them often as well. It was basically growing together as a community…

Didnt share much nudity so i got around it being public without the adult page block.

Didnt push any traffic to websites but got decent engagement when i asked questions on what people wanted to see next.

wth my limited tumblr knowledge, I’d start with mini commitments, reblogs, hashtags… and consistent posts.

Hope thats useful lol