How can i properly start with Jarvee and IG?


This might sound like a dumb question, but i’ve stepped down from Instagram in 2017 and recently wanted to get back into it. Back in 2016-2017 i can hardly remember it, but i am pretty sure there were no scrapers or anything like that. All i see on MPSocial now is very advanced techniques. Of course, me being the bloody newbie in IG Marketing, i am not entirely sure where i should start first.

Are there any threads here that could point me in the right direction? Not asking to be spoonfed, only asking for some general pointers that will get me in the right direction!

Answers are very much appreciated. Thanks.

best regards

Here are some Articles about Scrapers in General:

Also this thread is great if you want your Scrapers to “stay alive”

Stay logged out of your accounts, use scrapers, use good proxies for your Main accounts (possibly 4G Mobile proxies) and use very very low limits.

You can use Tagname method for scraping:

the articles that the guys shared above should be enough to get you updated, the thing that I wanted to add is that you need to keep in mind that IG actions have dropped by more than 70% what we did in 17-18 will cause you issues now, like follow/unfollow and dm’s stuff, also, proxies and slaves are now much more important so test everything that you could test and always keep in mind that IG has changed a lot.

Take a look at this thread about setting up scraper accounts using the tagname method: