How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


Hey everyone,
How can i reach level 2 on the Forum? I have some infos about creating bulk HQ accs on IG on real device … and want to share it in private! thanks


You need to participate and receive a fair amount of likes.

I do not have the detailed information on hand,sorry.


Oh okay i get it! Thanks Henry, i will start with small tricks & see how it goes


The real question is, how do you get to level 3? :open_mouth:
Answer? Yoda


Didn’t even know that lvl 3 exists lmao


the inner circle section is where the real magic is
above the jr. VIP above level 3 :wink:


What’ll blow your mind is Level 6, that’s where the party is


Wait , level 6 mamamiaa :hushed:


Rumor has it Zuck and Systrom are in the circle :eyes: they invited me to join the other day but I was like, na guys I have to earn my way like everyone else :rofl:


Pulled from a post from 2017 this seems to be the current lvl reqs. Not that I check or anything :rofl: but I just need 101 likes till level 2 …

User level 1 (Also know as “Basic”)

If you like what you found on the forum, and stick around for a little while, you’ll get upgraded to this level pretty quick, here are the prerequisites:

  • enter at least 5 topics
  • read at least 30 posts
  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Here’s what you can do if you reach this level:

  • use all core functions of MPSocial like:
    • upload images and attachments
    • send private messages
    • flag spam posts
  • have all new user restrictions removed

User level 2 (Also know as “Member”)

If you really like our community and you are serious about it, you will both learn and share with the others what you have learned you can reach the Member status. Here are the prerequisites for this level:

  • visit at least 25 days, not sequentially
  • cast at least 100 likes
  • receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)
  • reply to at least 150 different topics
  • enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)
  • read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)
  • spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts


We should start exchange likes :))


Pretty sure they would bring out the ban hammer with the quickness :+1::rofl::sunglasses:


oh the lvl6 partys…Last time Ibiza…still remember how @MojoJojo was dancing with that stripper…what a time…


You’re a comedian


Lmao, time to make an MPsocial bot for likes :joy:


Exchanging likes is something that happens in a natural way :slight_smile:
The best tip that I can give you by far is looking out for questions people asking in this forum and answering them. Not just the main post question. Often a lot of people asking other questions under the main topic. I think the whole idea behind the levels is that you increase the value and informations of the forum. As we can see that works pretty well, as here are so many helpful advices, guides, etc. that are even visible with level 1. And we have to keep in mind that this is for free! So let’s give something back! :slight_smile:


Yeah Roy, i agree with you, you can’t just give gold tips for free, that will risk it to be abused/ viewed by IG , therefore flagged…
Great way to build trust with the users & protect gold methods

Good luck to yall Basic people, we gonna make it :joy:


Yes mate, we giving our best to get the best to be the best! :smiley:



Nailed it! :smiley: @wortime
Can we basic motherfucker upload GIFs too? :smiley: