How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


I’m pretty sure you can.


But sometimes magic happens guys, never lose hope :joy:


I love me some GIF but don’t upload just link image from giphy


Thanks, wasnt sure about rules.
Btw, am I only one cannost see current level in profile?


And @roy why aren’t you at level 2, despite your big contribution? :innocent:


Thank you, I appreciate your kind words :pray:
I’m level 2 now! :+1: @RaphaelReborn


Oh that’s true haha my bad ^^ you deserve it ! :innocent:


Thank you very much! :fist_right::fist_left:
Keep beeing active, learning and increasing the value of this forum and you will get there soon! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I am getting more and more curious about level 2 haha. Is the information really even more incredible? :innocent:


Send a selfie with this code “5871261263” written in a paper together with “Level 2” and today’s date.

That’s how I got it, hope it works for you! :slight_smile:



Yes it is 100%. Not that level 1 hasnt got very useful information (even when I would have been level 1 my whole life I would not regret joining this forum). But level 2, its definitely worth to get there.


Haha! Haha! It really makes you want to now, I’ll continue my little path to give value and answer some questions like you do and I’ll see, thanks for the answer Roy! :innocent::cowboy_hat_face:


help me by liking back then lol


Everyone did well telling you what to do, but to get the exact numbers you need to reach - check this post


Yeah guys the tip from @BruceSilduk is really helpful. Reaching 200 received likes is not that hard actually. I will give you another tip: It’s more about replying to 150 different topics :slight_smile:


Just participate and help out. Some get there faster than others but we are all on the same mission


Yes, achieving 200 Likes is nothing as compared to contributing on 150 different topics. I believe it’s more about contributing to the community as a whole instead of the community contributing you to alone. Cheers!


Ditto still trying to get there lol can’t be mad though this is a great community


Shouldnt take so long when I look at your profile. You’re nearly there :slight_smile:

Yeah even when I would have been level 1 my whole life this forum helps a lot and is such a great place!


I hope you’re right. Been looking forward to level 2 for a while and haven’t hit it and was kinda losing interest in it because it wasn’t happening lol