How can this forum become a better place?

This is just a thought of mine. Mpsocial is becoming like IG profile with lots of ghost followers and no ER.

We went through a phase were people litterally spammed their way to lvl 2 and 3 to gain access to solutions. But since things got harder and more expensive they all mostly vanished. Atleast we don’t see them be active anymore. But still they have access to all the best here.

Let’s take an example. Before new forum rules were put up, people copy pasted good content from other forums and gained likes. And a significant amount of likes on one single thread did give you a free pass to lvl3. But those articles were created by other people, and credits weren’t supposed to go to others. So that’s why new forum rules prohibit that today.
Most of those members I don’t see post anything here anymore.

Some users bought a license and got their pass to lvl3 that way.

To make things short. I would like to suggest that people who are not being active on this board get degraded and if they wanna keep their status, they better start sharing ideas and solutions. Also people who make an effort and share their test results and try helping out new users get rewarded. Now some may say that those big ballers are less active because they are busy with their business and finding solutions, that may well be, but this is a forum were we discuss and share solutions. If you like to keep your solutions or help for yourself, and at the same time take advantage of what others share here, that is called being selfish!
I don’t personally think that it is fair towards people who put in effort and time, and share their ideas have the same privilegdes as people who tend to keep what they have for themselfs. That is not motivating.

Either be active or don’t expect the same as people who are.

Also the whole idea of getting to higher level was knowlegde and sharing golden nuggets.
However I have witnessed some people who just joined this forum get upgraded to lvl3. Maybe because of them buying access to a license. I have a lvl 2 and I have been active for a long time here. Now some may say hey you are maybe not better than a lvl 2 and I may write this because I may be jelaouse. But by far that is the case. I just wonder how some lvl 3 people get their access to lvl 3 while they are in my inbox asking for solutions!
And for the record. I am totally fine with my lvl2. Unfortunately the lvl score here doesn’t necessarily prove you skills. That is clear to me.

I just don’t believe it is fair to be inactive and have access to the goods.

Admins disapear without further notice and seems like there are only 2 people in here trying their best. I really don’t need to call their names we all know who they are. Atleast these are the only ones visible.

I see very skilled people share their solutions here, and people don’t even bother to put in a like as a thanks! That was and should still be how things should work on this forum.

Anyhow. This is only an idea and thought. I choose to share out loud. Because I care about this forum and it has tought me alot, and I have shared some of my my golden nuggets and knowlegde here. I really want this place to be it’s best.

It is sad to come here and see how quite this forum has become.

People feel free to share your thoughts on how you think this forum can become even better. And we can only hope admins take some of our ideas and implement these.

I wish you guys a pleasent day/night.


I agree! A year ago when I joined MPSOCIAL there was heaps of new posts and actual journeys of people learning (not selling schemes).

Now, the forum is basically empty you get new people coming in asking questions but they disappear.

I feel as though jarvee is a lot harder to use and people are going elsewhere because of that. In my opinion it is a lot harder to start now than it was a year ago. So, many new things to worry about.

I feel as though there should be more value brung in from the vets as well as jarvee support actually being in the forum itself. To answer questions or give feedback. This is basically a jarvee forum as most people will know.


Good points mentioned my friend.
I highly agree.

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The problem is that sharing valuable information/strategies usually results in Instagram cracking down on it days after it “goes viral” among marketers from a post on this forum. Either because they have their team keeping an eye here or 400 mpsocial marketers jump on it in one day which will make 1. noticeable by Instagram and 2. it less valuable and effective.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again here. And even on private forums from members off of mpsocial. Many people are truly only out for themselves here. And when you’re vulnerable and share your hard earned knowledge, it gets ripped from your hands with really no kick back and thank yous but instead it gets ruined for yourself.

There are VERY FEW rare jems in this forum. The good ones (besides a few I think you’re mentioning) have left a long time ago and created their own discussions in outside apps with groups of trusted people. T

So yeah, the underlying issues is that the smart, seasoned, experience people don’t want to share the true goodies publicly because they want to protect their years of blood sweat and tears and money thrown out the window to learn it and they just keep it for themselves or the few gems in their circles.

I don’t blame them.

You can’t have everything handed to you and spoon fed to every person and unfortunately this is such a complicated tool and process that it basically needs to be but no one has time for that. Someone who is making $10k a day on Instagram through automation ISN’T going to share how here or anywhere for that matter. What does that person gain from it besides competition? It would be stupid.

Plus, if they are making that much money from automation on Instagram, they won’t be spending their time lurking here and contributing here. What value does that give them? (Clearly I don’t make that haha! I make peanuts with automation right now but I have seen the success and trying to rework my way into it lately).

That person who makes $10k a day makes $500 some an hour.

They are not going to be showing up here for nothing. And why should they be expected to?

Roll up those sleeves, plan to spend a ridiculous amount of money through trial and error learning to make headway. Get creative. Think outside of the box.

Right now I’m testing a really fun new strategy NO one is doing. It may take me a year to iron it out. But It’s my goal and I think it’ll work well!


Yeah I know that. I wouldn’t share my knowledge either.
But I do like giving out the basics to help people get on their feet

Also this is a great place to go to find out what things are coming. People may experience issues and new forms of security measures and post them here. Then you can plan for that.

I don’t mean giving people a step by step guideline. But having a place you can network and build connections is always a great thing. There is a forum that starts with B… that has so much value and information. You have great coders, developers and shops to buy from too.

Mpsocial used to have great stuff but now it’s drying up. Even people asking for basic help get unanswered now its sad. I find myself replying to people 12 hours after no one has answered as I barely go on here anymore unless someone dms or tags me. Which is daily lol.

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But, I do think having actual JV support on here to give public advice aswel as suggestions from its users would help heaps. We use the bot so we know what needs fixing. The fingerprint issue is one thing I’m concerned with and Jarvee needs to hide that its using a chromium based browser.

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That sums it up.

You basically have to put in massive investments of time and money as detailed by CatX on the M/C method to be effective these days. Posts like that read more as advertising to me… but potentially helpful for those looking to put in that level of enterprise effort. I imagine jarvee may see their future as more or less only supporting enterprise level users, now that most individuals have such a hard time.

With less and less individuals outside of enterprise clients using automation, the fewer posts and ER.


Yeah Catx thread I think scares people away more than makes them want to do MS lol.

But why can’t mpsocial be more promising as the likes of some of the BH places out there. Maybe not many people actually use JV anymore and are doing other strategies.


No one expected anyone to spoonfeed people around here. But if we all think like how you describe the situation then all forums can just close up for good. Why? Because like you said people who earn a dime by automation won’t share their knowlegde. This is simple not true, and is by far from what i expect. I don’t want people to hand out solutions just like that. But people on this forum can all, no matter which lvl they are help out. Take a look around. People who are asking for help are being helped by the same people over and over again. So you believe this is a lasting solution? It’s like a dead end tbh. Many users who have reached lvl2-lvl3 tend to stay passive. Mark my word not all users but MANY! Much more than the few you actually do help.
They know they can come in here and ask for help in lvl2 or lvl3 at any time, and also they have access to all corners of this forum ANYTIME they like. And they have to make no effort to keep that status anymore!

If people would be thinking like you have described, what’s they point of forums for sharing knowledge then? Then we could aswell close it all up. And trust me no business will be affected if people tend to hand out bits of solutions and not entire ones.

I simply won’t and can’t believe what you say. Now we all know there is a few forums around which basically works like mpsocial. I too am a member of those forums. I tend to see the same users being active on those forums, and the funny thing is, from time to time I see them evwn share solutions taken from this forum and shared on others. The moral of my explanation is, if you can manage to be active on otger forums, and even sharing solutions from this forum on other platforms, then you can be active here aswell.

If IG have people checking around, that wouldn’t only be here, that would be everwhere. I am sorry to say that is not an excuse.

As mentioned earlier… I have been thinking about all the scenarious about this thread of mine. Actually I was in doubt of posting this or not, as I could just turn my back and say it is not my business. But this place used to be much more active and still it can be. At the end I thought I will bribg up my ideas. Either this will open some eyes or my suggestions includibg other people’s will be ignored, and that is it then. Nothibg more I can do

In the end I highly recommend you among others who chose to comment why you think people are not being active. Do indeed also share what you think can be done, so that we can encourage people to be more active. Cause simply just pointing fingers will not solve anything.

Already we have ideas like, be active or be degraded. Involving people from jv. It self to come here and help if possible. Back in the days I was notified about mpsocial by jv support! If they want people to come here and look for solution, then why not permanently hqve a few guys around here?

Maybe we could be more strict about the new forum rules. Make it harder as a beginner to create posts? Tons of beginners tend to come in, they don’t even bother to search for solutions. The easy way out to create a thread and ask for the same thing which has been asked million times before.

We have the explanation on how to reach different user lvls right here:

However this is by far not the case. I litterally have seen people being moved straight into lvl2-lvl3 upon their arrival.

If buying your way to lvl3 is a way, then make it visible to all users of this forum. So that people can all know. Put it in the guideline.

I have also seen great users pointing this matter out before. However this keeps on happening. It’s not motivating at all. I’ve seen users litterally asking not to hand out lvl3 access to users who get hold of a certain software licence. And I do undrstand their frustration. We have people here sharing everything they know and have and tryibg to build up their trustacore, and yet here comes someone juat getting moved up without any effort by just “buying” access. And these users are mostly very inanctive. And at the same time they have access to every solution and corner of this forum.

Again anything or any idea which is shared here is only to make this place better than it is.

This was basically my 2 cents.

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