How can we grow our following these days?

Hi guys,

Instagram keeps updating and it seems impossible to grow, despite the content you share , the reach of our posts is awful!. Unless you are an estbalished influencers or famous brand is very hard to get noticed ! what can new accounts do to grow without having to spend millions on child acocunt method which seems to be th eonly one working decently?



Hi @baximan90

It’s really possible, yes. But what are you calling “a growth” ?

_+50 per day ? _
+100 per day ?
+500 ?

Anyway, you would need nice content, and depending on your growth goals, differents methods. Do not expect +500 per day by simply post daily and interacting with people, with a fresh new account.



Easiest way would be to buy shoutouts. Otherwise you’ll have to slog out automation like the rest of us.


im seeing signs of growth going back to normal – not for me yet but my friends getting 100+, some back to 2k + a day starting two weeks ago. ( they don’t bot btw – my daily followers average also went up by 1k a day the past week. It -might- be a indicator some good times ahead…


How they grow ? Hashtags ? Shoutouts ? Yes is good indicator but it’s depend of method

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but what method they use to grow like this?

I would also be interested to hear more about it if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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growth… definitely possible, but what do you want, relevant audience which can create real business opportunities or just purely… number ?

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Regular posting some with hashtags and some without. What’s odd is ER is low af.


I’m looking over the week and follows for me up. That’s the good side the other side of ER is odd just low as crap. Thinking it’s about to adjust and go up slowly. Most accounts in the black and a few are in the red but nothing bad


Hashtags is not working for me what do you think i should do

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Maybe You are using wrong hashtags

I’m sure it’s my fault but it’s the same 10 groups i was using last months ?

don’t use them – try that. I know it sounds stupid but gotta try em without them


so w eshould just try and post without hashtags? ill try but i have a feeling it wont make a difference

targeted of course, looking for potential business leads and customers so im more interested in quality rather than quantity

didn’t understand what you mean

You say hashtags don’t work for you. I’m saying then don’t use them …doing the same things over and over will yield the same results

But if i didn’t use them it will be only my followers ? It’s not good engagement too

are you sure?
edit… you just said why – its not good engagement. Change your content to get more likes… you gotta find out what works or not. what your doing now – doesn’t