How can we grow our following these days?


I’m just out of shadowbann so yes i’m sure my engagement without hashtags is very bad


read above – changed reply…


It’s a men’s fashion niche so my content is the same for any other repost pages but my engagement before the shadowbann was 5k per post but now it’s 70-100 likes per post with the same content


let the er go back up – its got to build back up. it takes time to recover after a shadowban lift. few days to few weeks.


It’s a week now so do you think I should wait for more time?


change up your content




How you achieved that?


Private method.


What’s the “Private method.” ?


Bro if you don’t want to tell your method don’t share us your results /


Ok., forgot that not knowing is happiness :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I didn’t mean to be a d*ck with my comment but I have a bad mood cause my engagement and you just didn’t want to share knowledge . Anyway I’m sorry


Until a secret method appears… we can apply occam’s razor — he purchased the followers on SMM :+1:


Moemen you weren’t the "d*ck in this thread, that honor was awarded to Val_vini with his own comments.

I mean seriously, this forum is meant for us to help each other. I realize some don’t like sharing certain methods of doing things, because if they did it would become so widespread it could hurt. But overall most people on this forum are supportive, and help Noobs like me so we can get thru paying our dues so to speak a little easier.

But for Val_vini to just use this thread to gloat is a douche move, and I hope Karma bites him in the arse. But you moemen, have nothing to apologize for here.


mother/slave method


Thanks for honoring me.
As I see in this forum none shares anything, more that they have level 2 3 and more even for censuring information. So if you think you’re in a forum sharing knowledge maybe you should start reading all the posts and if you find someone that shares a real working solution… well… you can honor me again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We all are in the edge these days.


Why such a tension the last days guys ? Chill …

Growing nowadays is NOT easy and attaching here screenshots of how one or another managed to gain some hundreds per day is not changing the facts.

Having 40 accounts in order to promote 1 is also self-evidence that this sm platform is not supposed to work this way.

About hashtags, I tried both ways, with and without. Without hashtags did not work better for my small account. I also tried with and without location. The same results.

It seems that IG follows a formula to determine a range of minimum organic reach for each account and this range of reach will be shared respectively among the destinations you give IG. Eg. when you use location and no hashtags it will share your amount of reach between these two destinations, so you ll get an amount of people who will see your post through location and the rest will be your followers. If you use hashtags and location again it will share your reach among the three. When I used nothing else, ie no hashtags no location, i noticed this peculiar thing, that the reach increased though the ‘other sources’, as if IG didn’t want to show my post to more followers than the usual range it does !!! As for explorer, it did show up in the analytics when i didn’t use location or hashtags, but was a small amount of views.

So folks, I went back to hashtags, I downloaded my own list from J, which I rotate. And it works pretty well. Organic reach remains the same but I get extra engagement and even shoutouts from using hashtags, which otherwise I would have missed.