How can we grow our following these days?

only thing that’s going to help you reach the explore is if your followers are engaging with your post

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I am currently testing same f/uf with likes & story viewer with EB only.
One thing I want to add is that you have to post content 3-4 times daily. This account was abandoned for few months and I have started testing from 5th Oct. I believe I will be able to achieve +100 every day. lets see.

I am running this account on 4G proxy.

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Are you posting with hashtags? Or trying to hit explore out of your own engagement posting 4 a day? @Pirate

This has nothing to do with explore page. Posting multiple times daily is just to insure that if the people I am following visits my profile, they get to see that I am regularly posting content, and they follow me back to see the content regularly.

Edit: I am posting with Hashtags.


Tiktok is also a great way to get new people to your instagram. The Organic reach of the Videos is amazing