How can we grow our following these days?


But… I will keep in mind for the future my conclusions, as well as what @Alexnvo does, and I will use no hashtag after a particular point where my account will hit the numbers and the reach I want, in order to hit explorer.


I interesting too.


Work your way to the explorer page. Viral content is what is going to get you organic growth this days


Yeah, if you can manage to repost viral stuff, could rocket up your growth ! But if you’re a content creator by your own, you need to be over-talented tho.

Sad but true !



Yeah that’s what I think too!


What if I got reach from hashtags for a post and 0 impression from hashtags the next post


Shadowbanned maybe ? I guess you’ll find out on your next posts



No I’m not shadowbanned


Then go check your analytics and see if you can notice some differences regarding the reach…

Is it exactly 0 hashtag reach or is it nearly 0? Exactly 0 I have never seen in my account. Nearly 0 can happen some times, especially when you use the same hashtags.

If it’s 0 go and see how your organic reach went at this post. Has it increased because hashtags didn’t work ?


It’s “zero” and my organic reach is suck :sob: from 8.2k I got 600 only from home


What helped me was go private for a month


Looks like a kind of shadow banning or whatever new punishment IG thought of.

600 out of 8.2k Is not normal. Do you use automation? Repost content or new? Think what you may have done.


My Golden C’s:

  • Consistency
  • Content


i have 2 pages over 10k and under 20k. the likes are down by upto 70%. never botted on those slaves. The feed is slow as shit


I was using snt pods and then I tried telegram pod (Don’t remember its name) and boom no reach for all the accounts on the mobile.


It can be that they are also lowering the reach in waves … not everybody simultaneously has that… I was there like 1-2 months ago. Now it’s better…

But what made me suspicious was that 0 reach from hashtags of your post. Give it some time and you’ ll see what’s going on.


Hello people, do you think that telegram pods is a good way to increase or engagement? does it help us to reach the explorer page? or after the update we don’t have any benefits with using telegram pods? thank you


Best method, and reliable.


How do you go about finding M/S Suppliers?


its not supposed to be a one night thing, but you should see some growth daily. if you are not, you are doing something wrong here.
3 posts a day, adding stories, engaging with other accounts (like, comment, follow), hashtag marketing, dm marketing, adiing polls asking questions in your stories, are the things you can do to grow your account. I am doing this all with automation app but with a safe mobile proxy they provide.