How do you actually concentrate?

Whatsup guys!
So actually when i work, i have many different things on my pc or just in my room that disturb me so i just start doing other things than actually what i have to do, work.
How do you guys do? How do you concentrate on your work? And how much do you work?


Same with me lol. I always do different stuff. The only thing that has really helped me was creating a clear to-do list for the day. I even make timers on them so that I am ‘forced’ to complete the task within, e.g, 2 hours. Only problem is that unfortunately way too often something gets inbetween.


i have like the same problem. Something just get between and the task stops? Where do you have such timer?

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I just use this web app:
It doesn’t have a timer but I can set the hour when I should start a task. You can also choose some nice options like getting an email sent every morning on what you’ll have to do etc…

I block time wasting sites, (I would consider this a time wasting site):

Music helps prevent my mind wandering.

Maybe visioning the consequences of not doing what you should do will make you more scared. Imagine what you would be forced to do if Internet Marketing would kick you out. That should be motivation enough :wink:

Having bills to pay and children to feed.

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I was going to say drugs, but drugs are bad.

So, I don’t focus and my train of thought is derailed hourly.

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This is an ongoing battle for me too. I would like to hear more as well, from other members.

For me, getting up early helps. Say, if I get up at 5 am, I tend to be a lot more productive on that day compared to if I wake up at 9 am or so.

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I’m still trying to figure this out after nearly 10 years working online both Freelance and Full-time positions.

I think there’s no one way each day, it’s totally dependent on sleep, food, relationships, mindset etc.

I just start working and see what happens usually.


I used to disable my internet when i wanted to work something.
Sadly now i need internet so i can’t.

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The closest thing you can get to the pill in this movie is provigil. Check if it requires a prescription in your country.

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@benny Haha i saw that movie.
After i have searched for it​:sob::sob::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Only method for me ( to think smart/creative ) is iceolator🙏

-The Ice-o-lator hash (occasionally spelled Isolator hash) is extracted from cannabis plants in a totally different way than normal hash, using ice to get an extremely concentrated batch of resin

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The most powerful method, at least for me – Pomodoro.

Mindset? Read The War of Art.

I’d say no.
Modafinil and the other drugs of that family (adrafinil, armodafinil, …) are used (medically) for patients suffering from narcolepsy. It keeps you awake, but it doesn’t help focus (although there’s anecdotal evidence about that).

The best for focus are amphetamines (dextro-amphetamine and adderal that is a mix of levo- and dextro- amphetamine) and ritalin (methylphenidate). Then there’s hundreds more nootropics used and abused for a mix of effects from helping stay awake or focused or for memory retention or …

I would discourage the use of any of these without proper medical evaluation first, like any drug. Some of the sides are suicidal thoughts for example even just for the provigil above mentioned.


i have read here many smart things sensei! thanks my friend


If you’d rather not do drugs, probably the best book on productivity for digital work is “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Setting timers works very well too, but it can get a little unnerving if you do it all day every day. A great simple little software for that is “The Action Machine”. Just Google it. I’ve used it for many years - off and on.

I try not to get too much stoned :joy::grin:

For legal drugs, check out nootropics. I’ve heard they work really well. I haven’t tried them though.

To stay productive, I write my 3-5 things for the day that gets me towards my goal of the week.
And do only those…

Also, eliminate ALL distractions:

  • Airplane mode on phone
  • remove all things from my table
  • close all other APPS on my mac (zero pinned apps in the dock, so that i only see apps that im currently using)
  • schedule appointments on google calendar only
  • and loop ONE song or use on FOCUS mode

^^ that keeps me in the zone for a few hours at a time


thanks dude! I have now also begun with addint to do list! Btw you got nice beard:D:D

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