How do you boost your productivity? Tricks, Tips and Hacks


I personally do very few but important things to increase my productivity. I actually call it general state of mind.

That’s how I get into this:

  1. I take as much sleep as my body needs. That means I dont use an alarm clock as I mentioned in another thread. I wake up naturally with the flow of my sleeping cycles.

  2. I work out almost every day. Not just because I like it but also because it is my passion. By the way I’m 22. Maybe the huge amount of testosteron plays also a big role in making me running into the gym like a wild gorilla everyday. Just kidding. I’m doing fitness for over 10 years now.

  3. I eat healthy and have a balanced diet. That means not 100% healthy but enough good nutrients as my body and mind neeeds.

  4. I meditate and read every morning. Moreover I have something like a vision board where I write down my goals with picture attacheched to it. To not get stucked in the dreaming part I also take care of the practical aspect. I write down why I want to achieve something, how and when with an exact date. I view this every morning and add some things if necessary.

  5. I adjust my music taste to my state of mind. Personally I listen a lot of techno, hardstyle and other hard music. I’m not taking drugs I have to say clearly. I listen to this music because it fits the level of energy which I get from the points mentioned above. At the end of the day this music is supporting my energy and is even increasing it. For me its like a symbiosis. I just listen to this hard music when I’m waking up, working out or when I’m walking around outside. When I work at my desk I listen to more relaxed techno/electronic music.

Because of that, everyday I’m excited to work and get things done. It’s not that hard to be productive and motivated when you take care from the beginning to get in the right state of mind.

A well built house needs a good foundation.


In combination with the pomodoro technique, it is really helpful when you record yourself (screen) while doing your tasks.

It’s really good to analyze your work method and optimize some routines. Also, it forces you to do the work and not to do other stuff.

I usually upload it instant on youtube, so i can easily watch it and create a lot of content for my future me.


Awesome stuff @roy ! I too have a perfect morning/evening & overall day routine. The problem is, I tend to skip it more often than I should :slight_smile: Are you able to execute this 100% every single day? Or it’s a bit of a hit and miss?

This is really interesting, I have unlimited cloud storage on my google photos so could give this a go. Do you actually find time to rewatch your actions though? As if, is it worth it spending that 25min looking at your actions rather than doing more work? Thanks!


okay what is up with this new generation?
Pomodoro Technique ?
just studied it for about 10 minutes. jeez – dude makes it sound like its his idea.
well, other had that idea too – just did not put a copyright on it.
Jim Rohn was a mentor of mine as well as a personal friend –

‘don’t spend major time on minor things’ …

another that changed my life in my early 20’s


bro i freaking love this analogy. I love the bible too. Jim rohn is the man!!!

Keep Sowing that Seed!!! Good ground is everywhere!!!


I would say I’m doing it 80-90% of the year. Back in the days I got upset when I missed out the exact routine but now I feel great about when I dont do it sometimes. When I have the strict routine over a very long period of time I find myself limited in possibilities and freedom. The routine helps me a lot but I need some days and phases where I wake up and drink a whole bottle of ice tea and eat a bunch of chocolate for example. Without a specific reason. Just because I can. Sometimes I have to let go of the routine and have a bit of “creative chaos”. I want to keep the child alive in me because that is what gives me creativity, a different view on things and room for innovation. As I mentioned above I wake up naturally thats why I like to work with my mind and body instead of against it. So when I have the feeling the routine is limiting me at the moment I listen to my gut and dont do it or at least not the exact same way.

Edit: Really powerful habit I forgot is I take cold showers in the morning. With that one of the first things I do in the day is stepping out of the comfort zone. Meanwhile I really like cold showers, cant miss this fresh feeling after it anymore. But turning the switch to cold after stepping out of the warm bed requires overcoming everytime.


You don’t have to watch it everytime. For e.g. you can watch it when you are on the way to something or have to wait somewhere. Or just upload it and if you are struggling in the future with the exact or similar task and you don’t remember how to do this, than you can look at your videos


I usually try to do one thing at a time. For example, if I know I need to work on more quality sources (optimization) for some specific accounts in a niche, I try to stick to that task.

Usually when I have lots of things to do, I tend to start lots of tasks but not finish them.
Concentrating on only one task at a time helped my productivity; another benefit of it is that you get to tick something off your to-do list :slight_smile:


Jim Rohn is THE man. He makes today’s “online gurus” look like preschoolers in terms of knowledge and advice.


Smoke some weed when the situation gets hard lol