How do you boost your productivity? Tricks, Tips and Hacks


Tracking time? I assume you mean everything and not just productive hours


You are a true inspiration, Roy.

As a digital nomad, it’s often hard to get the fundamentals of a routine nailed down. But I think I’m realizing I do best, even when I had a home base, when I have a local supportive and like-minded community around, especially more entrepreneurial community.

I look back on the last year and realize I had those types of communities best when I was in Bali and in Lisbon.

Whenever you’re surrounded by other folks who highly motivated and succesfull, it really pushes you to be better and get more things done.

A rising tide raises all ships.


yes i did buy the book , but it’s kinda ironic a book about simplicity tells to focus in 300 pages.


I love the silent room + a cup of water and AC.
Thats all what i need .
Simple and efficient.


thanks for sharing this great peace of content seems like to many people are interested in improving there productivity ,i feel really happy to be around here with these type of people !

Well to not feel bored when working i play A podcast on My phone Love Joe Rogan Podcast
also Gary Vaynerchuk videos and podcast will get you going and hyped to work

when i have work to do in the morning and wakeup feeling lazy i drink Coffee that is the easiest way


Meditating has made a huge difference in my life. First I do a gratitude session, then I VISUALIZE what I have to do and me doing it in third person view. If the chimpanzee subconscious wants me to procrastinate, I imagine a dark shadow version of me doing the work and getting the results I want, making me wanting to follow him.
People should realize that all the knowledge you need is in your head. Mental blockages stop you from earning true money.


From the owner of Aliexpress:


God im so jealous, I wish i could get my hands on modafinil but here in europe its super hard to get.

What i do to boost my productivity:

  • jog before i start working
  • having a decent schedule
  • ive learned not to procrastinate
  • coffee works wonders for me


What are you talking about? :smiley: I live in UK. It’s not hard at all.


Seriously?? Do you need to have ADD diagnosed or something to get it? Im in the UK too. You can PM me if youd rather not talk about it here :smiley:


I mean I am still running on my stash that I bought 1year+ ago from sun pharma which was an Indian based company selling online.

You can buy it online, it arrives to your door. It’s not illegal to have it. I go on flights with it all the time :slight_smile: You just can’t buy it without a prescription. But that’s what online stores are made for, just google around and you’ll find a supplier. Check the reviews before you shop and you’ll be good.


I thought about ordering online but I was concerned that it might be a placebo or viagra or something worse instead :smiley:

I might order it at some point if it is indeed what they say it is :slight_smile:


You pop it in. wait 10min, you’ll know if it’s a placebo or not :smiley: You can’t get this one wrong. You’ll be proper wired after 10min +

Make sure you do your homework tho. And don’t drink anything caffeinated before. Also, not to scare you, but there’s 1 in a million risk of heart attack with some rare blood type which it doesn’t work. There are tests you could do to figure this out, or do a ton of reading. Or be like me, just take it and hope for the best :smiley:

Also, I would recommend to buy alpha gpc or any other choline source, it helps smooth out the effect. But more importantly it mostly removes the headache which it comes with. As it kicks in when it starts to wear out, esp the first few times.

Another tip would be whatever you do, don’t take it any later than 13-14h before your bed time. Trust me, you won’t sleep.

The issue with modafinil is that people don’t realise how strong it is and don’t do their homework to make it do it’s job properly.

Staying hydrated, eating enough, not pushing your heart when on it (avoid anything that races your heart too much - I went to the gym a few times, did running. It’s doable, but you feel like your heart will pop out :smiley: ).

It’s a long topic. But if used correctly, it can make the laziest fucks the most productive people in the world. And no, I’m not over hyping it :smiley:


Got Ford Mustang picture from 67’ above my laptop on the wall, I want to buy it since I was 10, so every time I feel I should stop I just take a look at it, and I am 100% back to work



I use todoist integrated with google calendar, don’t forget to add realistic deadlines.

This is how I plan my day:

  • Wake up, check my todo lists while mentally allocating tasks for the day, you can write this down in time blocks if you’d like
  • Start with the smaller tasks to get in the flow
  • Take well deserved breaks but don’t interrupt your deep work
  • In the evening plan your next day and check if you completed all your tasks, replan if its necessary

Eat well & work out. Stay focused and dedicated on your goals. It’s all in your head.


Wake up early before all the distractions. That’s key.


Coffee and daily Vitamin D tablets do the job for me!


Great tactics - thanks for sharing.
Music always seems to work great for me too!


Works well for me:

  1. Well balanced diet
  2. Daily workout routine
  3. Getting to bed early (I like to wake up, like 6 a.m.)
  4. Getting you daily dose of Sunlight by taking, a walk or jogging


After a while ya just do it. Needs no drugs