How do YOU create Facebook Accounts in 2017?

How do you create strong facebook accounts for 2017?


What do you mean by STRONG account? :slight_smile: It would be good if you could define it.

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you dont. You buy hacked or aged ones. Fb extremely strict i personally quit that game but goodluck to you fella

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I mean ones that will not be banned automatically. :slight_smile:

I need FB accounts for facebook ads.
Non-USA accounts are not going to work I don’t believe.

im a bit lost. If you go for facebook ads then you shouldn’t need bunch of accounts you should be good with single “strong” account and why wouldnt it work with non-us account ? O.o well unless you try to advertise something against the rules

Yes, cloaked ads on facebook. :slight_smile:
I need lots of accounts because they will get banned.

Check bhw, there are a couple of sellers for high trust accounts for ads

Can you suggest a seller on BHW?
I have ordered from several and the quality has been poor.

Sorry, can’t , neither have i used them. Just sharing something i have seen while lurking.
I’m just using 0.02$ bruted accounts for my needs :cop:

I have some old FB accounts, PM me and I will send you one that you can try and see if it works well for your needs.


Why do you still want to have a FB account? Instagram is much better in engagement, sales, etc.

That’s debatable on many levels. FB has a larger audience for one. They are different platforms types, and have different strengths.


I’m just much more familiar with facebook.
Maybe instagram in the future. :slight_smile:

paid ads on fb imo are better.

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I have the same problem bro.

I dont have enouth money to pay for MP licenses and buy fb accounts.
My results are very poor even with all the tips of the forum.

Im loosing about 3 accounts/day even doing things slowly and cant create accounts that arent being blocked after a day or so.

I tried to change proxys, web agents and a lot of things more but no sucess so far…

We need a new recepi to create accounts in these days.

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Hi I have the same problem.

I create 40 Facebook accounts some in pc other in mobile phone.

After I insert in my bot, maximum 3 accounts per proxies I have random blocked, first number verification then photo verification. In thise accounts I don’t do any activities!!!
I m on this about 6 months…
I think I will give up from Facebook and botting.

When you create an account in an IP and then try to open it from a proxy or another IP from another country, you will be asked to verify your account.

Why don’t you guys buy aged FB accounts instead of creating them yourselves since you don’t know how to safely do that?

Also if FB is very strict for you and you don’t know to promote inside it, try to move to Instagram instead.

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Hi Said

Very thanks for your replay.

All you say I agree with you, about 1 year ago I buy 40 accounts for Facebook a someone called skyisthelimited and all of them gone, after weeks, must of them ask for verify, other locked after while even I don’t do any activity.

That’s why o move to another strategy, create my accounts and insert SIM cards etc but even with thise all of them ask me To verify more than one time, with any activity!?

I don’t understand

So you use them for few weeks and then they ask for verification?