How do you earn money?

Hi. First sorry for my english :slight_smile:
How do you earn money? What website do you have? Do you have affiliate links or just like adsense? What content do you have?

I have adsense but my earnings are not the best currently. I want to learn which methods there exist to earn money.


Even better questions, since you’re complaining about your earnings:

What’s your website about (niche)?
How do you drive traffic?
What’s CTR and CPC in your adsense account?

Telling you how I make money won’t help you that much, but if you tell us more about your website, stats and way you drive traffic, we might be able to help.


Currently i don’t own any website but i am thinking to start a new one soon as a new project .
If you share you experience than it will be best for all of us.

I am using a viral site (like clickbait).
I drive traffic with advertise in groups…
My CPC is around 0,10 - 0,15 cents

Currently not many people click on it, but I dont know why. last week there was many clicks and I earned around 10-15 € daily…


i’d say if you want to do this go back at where was the best point and do similar content.

OK. What about your ad placement? What size do you use and where do you put the ads?

You’re driving traffic from FB, so I guess most of your traffic comes from mobile phones. Are your ads visible for them? For example, if you put ads in sidebar, assuming you’re using WordPress, visitors won’t see the ad unless they scroll down to the bottom.

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@trueword: Yes its same similar content… But I dont know, I have the feeling if I post it manually it works better…

@Adnan: Yes mostly mobile phones. They are at the beginning of each post, so yes its very visible.

general question:
whats better:
Is it better to share a text + link, or a text + link from fb page (where the content is).
I think 2 method is “better”, because sometimes if I try first method my postings are not visible(??)

Manual posting and automated posting i dont think it has any difference but as for joining groups it has , joining groups manually would do it way better simply because you can check.yourself if the audience is.right and if the groups not only spam and al that

1st of all you will have good traffic on your website then only adsense will work.

Unique Content and timely update your website.

Mate there’s so many ways to make money. E-commerce, YouTube, IG, affiliate marketing, private label and drop shipping, blogging, Pinterest, Saas, the world is your oyster. As the worlds population grows the more people will need something you have made.

Did you just bump this from 2 years ago? What could have possibly been the purpose of that.

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