How do you know who to unfollow when going Manual

I’ve been going manual for close to 2 months and the only thing that makes me think about my automating app is when it’s time to unfollow, now it’s clearly known to everyone that IG doesn’t want us to automate at all. Now my question is, how do I separate my client initial following list from the ones I have followed when am ready to unfollow them of course manually.

There is a button to sort following by date. So u can unfollow your latest follow easy. Other way is use Jv to scrap the target list, and follow them one by one. This way you can just unfollow from same list one by one.


I haven’t used jarvee but I learnt no action can be taken from jarvee for now. And how do you mean scrape pls

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as stated above you can sort your following by date and unf the oldest ones or use and app like follower chief


If you are doing manual Unfollow, I suggest to order the Following list by Date Followed: Latest, then open your spreadsheet (or any doc where you store the accounts you followed) and order it in the same way, work in IG and your list at the same time, easy and quick.


Oh ok thanks so much

Have you had any experience with using third-party apps for unfollowing e.g. account comprimised.

I want to start using an app just to keep the ones that followed back but unsure

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i use chief follower to unfol so far so good

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anybody using anything else than J or M to unfollow? since those softwares no longer deliver (unfollows at least)

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How long have you been using it?

i’ve been doing it for more than 2 month but must say there was some periods i was not active

Sometimes I just cannot be bothered to do it haha. I get what you mean.

@JakeCOYS haha same here sometimes im human too but i just convince myself that i’ve to play with what i’ve in y hands and no one will do it for me so yeah its lame to fol manually but you just dont have other options when you can’t invest money you should invest in your time and willingness


Gotta survive man!

So far manual is good. Although, I do get blocks here and there

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@Nieco yep i did face that too but what i do now i follow only people with a story i mean those with circle and follow btw 20 to 50 and rest myself 3 to 4 hours

how does only following people with story makes a difference? Most people don’t have stories so wouldn’t that limit your follow pool?

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tbh i 've no tangible reasons just people with stories means they’re active users and they use the platforme to the most and i consider those with only liking are using it tradionaly with its basic function so yeah

btw i follow likers of recent posts with stories mostly

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