How do you monetize on your growing instagram account with m/s or f/uf method

I’ve been e-commerce on instagram that has $100000 and $15000 montly sales.

I am doubting how do you monetizing f/uf and m/s instagram account.
If you don’t buy likes or comment,f/uf or mother slave getting lower engagement ratio and you can’t even sell product to these low quality follower.

So how do you monetize with this?
Do you promoting product or shout out or something?
Is these method can make money than selling product with account that has high quality follower?

And if you monetize with instagram,i thought advertising is more effective and easy and cheap than these method.

What do you think about that?

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There’s a lot of assumptions made that are not necessarily true:

The broad assumption made here is that a method determines how quality a follower is, and this quality affects your ability to convert their attention into a conversion (sale, email sign up, or otherwise).

If someone follows an account, and the account posts content that they like or would like to see more of, there’s no reason to judge their quality based on your method of appealing to them.

I’d argue back as a counter point, someone who calls a follower low quality, doesn’t know how to target or create compelling content that converts.

Attention is attention at the end of the day & that can always be monetized.

You can do all the basic methods shared time in and out, very successfully without ever having to build a product or service. Sure, there may be more money in there, but you make $5000/month off shoutouts/promos & find a way to outsource that labor, what’s compelling about forcing yourself to do something different when you can scale what works further?

A little simplified but its not the method, its the executioner. F/UF M/S or any other growth strategy alike.

Advertising on IG is a mixed bag for many. Many complain it’s not as robust or effective as the OG Facebook platform. Also, viewers tend to tune out Ads that are known as Ads. But its harder to tune out an Ad posted on a page you are interested in seeing content from, with an Ad that is relevant to the page’s content/curation. Hence, people tend to respond to Ads on Pages better than the native IG ads (not in every case though of course).

You could debate it or find all of this out on your own.


Thank you for your valuable comments! (im not an english speaker so my reply may be wrong or rude, im sorry)

but i’ve never seen the account with good ROAS that using f/uf strategy. (like 5000follow10000follower)
Organic account is always had better success on promotion post.
i know f/uf is easy to monetize by shoutout.
because of client that has low budget will uses them.

This is also true but i don’t think f/uf account has better success or has better quality follower than organic one. (so why not just try to growth as organic or try to promote service with organic account)
This may be a bit tough to say,i think most of account that growing with f/uf is pretty scammy from the perspective of asking them for promote post. atleast in japan.
i don’t know any merit to let them promote services,even it’s cheaper than organic account or celebrity account.

e-commerce is more scalable and not hard to outsource/build.
and can be sold x10 monthly sales. shoutout is way easier than e-commerce tho.

IG ads is easy to targeting and best ads for ladies nitche.(i’m doing fashion store)
so it depends on your nitche and ads creative skill and executor.
atleast my roas is 400% every month, and never had any problem with ig ads.

all my experience is from japan, so this may be different in your country.

thx for your conversation

No one will tell you how to monetize your accounts :slight_smile: You have to find some ways to do it so. The best way, anyway, is to promote something through the DM service, that’s the best way possible to market low accounts :slight_smile:

i already successful on monetize in ig.(10mil yen per month)
i want to know doing f/uf and m/s or botting for what.
cuz i dont think it can make more money or efficient than organic growth.
it looks like scammy strategy for me

Well. As you know. F/U is an automated method. It never can be better than a manual one, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

From my experience F/UF usually brings a great Engagement Rate since you have targeted followers that you chose carefully.

The issue that I have is that they are not really into buying products, neither do they see me as a personal influencer whose opinion is important so people don’t really buy anything that I produce.

I believe if you do F/UF you need to make sure to have a good relationship to your followers and establish an authority. Furthermore F/UF kinda sucks since people get salty if you unfollow them

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100%. F/UF is most effective when you actually engage with your followers. Respond to DM’s, comments, post frequently, etc. You don’t necessarily have to continue to like on all of their posts, but you have to be active and give them a reason to be a loyal follower.

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If you targeted a lower age(under 18. like tiktok user) or strange middle aged man who uses ig like twitter. you can get higher engagement rate.
or you can do action for user who uses hashtags like #l4l #f4f, it can be earn easy engagement. also you can do action other f/uf user or something.
these engagement won’t gave you any good amount of money never.
so engagement quality is more important than ratio. and i think f/uf never helps for e-commerce.
Atleast i’ve never seen successful e-commerce store that does f/uf in japan. f/uf is really bad from perspective of branding.

doesn’t matter what strategy you use.
you can have a good relationship if you do right branding/account operation.
you can engage follower and build a good relationship even if you don’t follow them.
most of engagement user from f/uf strategy is lower quality than organic in my opinion.

i think follower quality and engagement quality is most important than ratio,and that gives you tons of money. my 10k small e-commerce account makes $10000 atleast. that account post only 1~3 per month. engagement ratio is 7~10%

if you guys know good case that f/uf account successful than organic one, tell me i can’t even find one so i wanna know

F/U , MS may not be very good for your ecommerce account, no matter how you set targeting you will always gain followers that are not so interested in your account and many bots too. If you just want to grow ok you can do it if you have budget and know how to make it working in 2020, buf If you are promoting services or ecommerce I suggest you to stick with ads.

i know my friend had some success on e-commerce with m/s&f/u. but he’s selling fake product so his only way to sale product is m/s&f/u because of advertising review.(i’ve never sell illegal product so idk)
maybe if i was being fake influencer making money by shout out, m/s&f/u is very good and cheap to growth.
i will keep run ads and work with celebrity and real influencer, it’s way better than any strategy.

@aixent I think you really need to stop comparing "automated process" with "fake, scam", and "white hat" techniques with "real influencers and success". It just means you don’t have much experience in that game, if you really do think so. Here are some explanations, based on these different kind of users :

  • Let me remind you how many celebrities and influencers that currently are at the top, got actually hundreds of thousands fanpages from M/S, or even did mass story viewing ?

  • The simple fact that most of them got a social media manager, makes some of them non-exclusive white hat growth.

  • It doesn’t matter which kind of strategy you use (white, gray, black, green or brown hat). What does matter, is what you do afterwards, to make yourself & your business successfull. Remember that the ones who are famous (or the ones with creative / great ideas) will barely need grey/black hat techniques to get into it. However, i know a few that got into it with such strategies.

  • Let’s be honest. If you don’t have great / creative / original ideas, you won’t make it by running IG ads (good luck), unless you got thousands of thousands $$$$, of course. However, with a proper grey/black hat strategy, you can increase your traffic like hell (and instead of paying :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:, you’ll pay :moneybag:).

  • At the end of the day, the only thing that matters, is the traffic. The only thing that will make you successful / grow.


some influencer agency does m/s with botted account for their models and celebritys but most of agency doesnt do that. cuz their funs does tagged post and spreading post, no need to do m/s with bot.

my ROAS is atleast 400% every month and can pay thousands $ for IG Ads.
why you cant pay thousand $$$ if you doing business on IG? its way easier than other business.
i trust white hat is more scalable than black hat on e-commerce.
white or black is doesn’t matter If your business can’t make atleast 1 million dollar in year is just waste of time.

Thus no need to run thousands $$$$ on IG ads ? Goes both ways.

Either you got traffic from viral / Explore, either you create your traffic. IG ads or M/S or whatever… All the same. IG ads is definitely more expensive tho, for growth, but it’s really good to sell products, that’s so true

If you have an example of a e-commerse store that is generating more than 1 million $ a year in sales with a black hat strategy, i’d love to hear about it.

i don’t know why your saying ig ads is expensive. Its way better and cheaper than any other ads in japan.(depends on product tho)
my experience is only in japan so maybe its defferent in your country
yes, getting traffic from explore or go viral is best

also i know m/s strategy is good for some musician or models or celebrity.
It can be a very good way to get a boost at the start.

I don’t about such e-commerces, but i know a few influencers that earn 10x more a year, and that use M/S. Of course, not gonna list them around :slightly_smiling_face:

On this forum, i’d say > 90% of users want to grow on IG. Thus, was talking about “growth”, and not “product sales” (even this thread is about monetizing the growth on IG with M/S or F/U). So, i’d say the best way to monetize the process would be through DMs. Way more personal, than an ad. If the targeting is good, of course (same for the ad).

Who all have different budgets. So I can see it that way, in order to grow + sell on IG :

  • Easy/Budget-low growth & sales : F/U + Small ads

  • Fast growth & Intermediate sales : M/S (DM oriented) +/- F/U +/- Small ads

  • Big budget & Big sales : M/S (DM oriented) + Big ads = killer

When we understand of each strategy really works, synergy can have a crazy effect. So, no matter what you can achieve with M/S or with IG ads, if you combine them (+/- other strategies), you can basically multiplicate results.

Whats “m/s”? Sorry but i dont know

what’s problem is put a link is here? is it only legal put link in japan?lol
If they earn more than 10million dollar,
they are already well known and should be a company.
so why you have to hide them? XD

DMs are good, if you do make relationship with customer. spammy DMs never had any success for B2C in japan tho. (i saw it works on replica product or illegal product)
maybe differences in humanity between asian and american.(no one clicks link if some strange account DM to someone all they do is just block them)
if actual human does DM to their friend about store or any account. (like this shop or account is really good!), that’s gives great effect tho.
maybe spammy dm works on B2B,but i think other plan(outside social) gives you better success on b2b. (depends on service)

so what service gives you dollar by spammy DMs to someone by botted account.
Is it common sense outside of japan that DMs to someone from unknown account and that someone open a link then gives you dollar.
i can’t believe dming by botted account gives you money lol.

i think DMs are works well on this situation
you growth good account(like media account / acting like targetted person) or buy a someone’s personal account then DMs to follower.
It takes time and effort so i think other way is better tho.
on e-commerce buying tons of fake follower gives great result and way cheaper than any other strategy if you do good account management with good creative.
after you get tons of fake follower on good creative/targeted account.
some media or magazine will introduction because that account has tons of follower.