How do you organize your phones!


Do you rotate the Accounts within JARVEE?
I have thought about trying this.

There would also be the advantage if one mobile proxy goes offline the accounts rotate to another and all do at least some actions.
There more mobile proxies you have the less harm it will do if one of them goes offline.

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I’m not sure which software will do that. It will be nice to have a feature like that.

EDIT: I take my words back. It will not move an acc to a proxy with error.

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Can you share the best way to rotate them?
Do you use “rotate randomly instead of in rotation” ?


You pretty much have the answer.

It is quite basic. I tag the proxies and Jarvee will rotate the accs within the proxies with the same tag. I like to have them rotate randomly because the ip stays the same. The ISP might change the ip from time to time, but I don’t force the change.


Makes sense.

I have one question about rotating them randomly:

If you have 5 proxies with 10 accounts on each and you rotate them randomly.
Will it at all times be 10 (out of 50) random accounts on each of those 5 proxies?
So basically will it always be the same number of accounts/proxy?

Because yes the feature is nice. Maybe it helps against linking accounts to each other.
But you don’t want too many accounts on one proxy at one given time.


Won’t this link multiple account to each other more than necessary? If Ig crack on one will probably get more suspicion on others account that use or has used the same ip.


That sounds like a great idea, but how many different proxies do you have for your 30-80 accounts?


You set a maximum no of accs per proxy. I am not sure of the order in which they change.

The proxy does change ip once every 24hrs or so. There are some mixed opinions regarding this. There are more providers who change the ip every 5-10 mins than providers who leave it as it is. I bet on the last one.

I mounted about 25 accs per proxy. I have more than 15 mobile proxies. I never tested more than 30, but I know it’s possible.


feel like that, instead of having 10 account that share the same ip (when it changes too) and so if IG find out even 1 it’s doing something wrong all others would have trouble or will be way less trustable, if you swap accounts the account that get in trouble will have links to much more than 9 accounts. may be less noticiable when switching but feels like it will contagious much more accounts.
Interested to have some updates in a couple of week! :smiley:


This is so cool. Save the effort of hiring a developers to build a system. I am very interested in this set up! Could you please sharing with me the brand and models of those mobile phones you are using? Many thanks.


I just grab any used android phones which are available and with be rooted at the local second hand shop.



lol, why? what you do with those?
that’s madness :joy: :joy:


This is crazy, how did you automate all these phones?


this is super sick man, i wonder how many years of client management experience in there…


Haha this is pretty epic. I always wonder what the police would say / do if they searched a house and see this. Confusion on their faces :joy:


BTW: That’s not @Jeasen setup (just google the pic): I assume he just posted it to position himself as professional and prepare the topic he created. In the topic he promoted his PV service - topic is already deleted. sneaky move :sunglasses:


100$ if this is real - there’s no way, you can have a much more efficient set up for a fraction of the price


Hey guys , Ehhh can you get in some legal issues for having that number of mobile phones and alot of sim cards ( phone verification ) ? :thinking:
asking for a friend :roll_eyes:
@Grummel1 @Empirenetwork since you guys run alot of accounts and with real sim cards , can you provide some info about this ? , how do you avoid getting in legal issues ?


Why would we get legal issues because of that? Owning sim cards isn’t a crime.