How do you research your follow sources?

Hey guys, I am new to Instagram Marketing and Jarvee and I have tested a few follow sources related to my niche but I am not sure yet if I am doing it right. I am trying the manuel search and then checking the engegament of the account at Is this a good way to research or are there even better ways to do it? And what is your favorite Follow Source in Jarvee? I was trying “Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts” but it ran out of source faster then i thought. So i switched back to “Follow followers of target accounts”.

Every answer is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance and have a good time with your business!


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Check this 3d

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Hi @hakupila . My team has been scraping sources manually as well and is checking the ER though Phlanx and most of the followback ratio of these sources are quite great but not all the time. To get sources with great followback ratio requires patience as trial and error method is essential to get to the best ones. Most of the time, I use “follow followers of target accounts” but I also use “follow specific users” where I scrape users based on the niche and location.

Thank you for your response @Tal_Klinger. May I ask how do you scrape users based on the niche and location?

Thank you in advance!