How do you think of IG names?


I want to come up with a new name for my account its in the travel niche and I really dislike the current name. However, I just can’t think of a new name that clean, simple and uses good keywords.

You guys got any tips?


Use name generators for a few ideas and then combine something together thats what I usually do


Yeah iv spent a while just combining keywords but everything is taken lol


Use exotic usernames they attract attention as well tbh


typing the word into google and looking for synonyms also works for me


I’ve been using to find hashtags based on competitor hashtags then I use those and a name generator to create fan accounts. Pretty easy can create a couple hundred in minutes.


First try i found a hashtag that i loved as a username (travelicious) but its taken by a dead account :frowning: This is a good method



It took me 2 mins, literally :slight_smile:

(all currently available btw)

Just look around (physically) for inspiration and add your main keyword to it = done.


Yeah just use a variety of the name if you really like it. break it up with “.” “_” or numbers. Scrap their followers then follow them :smiling_imp:


Some really good ones here but some are taken, thanks tho


None are taken :slight_smile:

Or more correctly, none show an active page behind them. They could be taken, but disabled for example.


They are now, and I will be selling them for $100/each :rage:


No please! Let me grab one :joy:


And that is just a partial list and just with “travel”. You can use destinations / wanderlust or any other of the major keywords and easily come up with at least 100 available names.


Did you just think of all of these?


I have a general list of these and just plug in the keyword I want to use. Then check them if they are available.

So yes, I came up with all of those, but no, I didn’t just now think of them if that makes sense.


Yeah, that is a good idea thanks for the list it’s a great share! As you can just plug a bunch of keywords into them.


For one name, you don’t need a list. Just look at other niches, pick something that you like and use it for your niche. Or look at the products you use and swipe their name.

MPSocial - you take social and add travel to it

Dropbox - you take box and add travel to it

NameSilo - take silo and add travel to it

Coming up with a single original name should take you 10 minutes or less.


created 2 accounts last year using hashtags –
look up hashtags in your niche –
find a few you like, see if there is an account with that name --if not,
baam – you got a name and with hashtags to boot already done for that account :slight_smile:


Lol. Hope the smells are good.