How does Instagram differ between where actions were taken on?

So, what do you guys think about this?

I got a rather odd suggestion from Instazood. To make the follow block go away, they recommend to delete the Insta account on their platform, which makes sense to me. But they also say one shouldn’t be posting any images, or stories too, not even do normal likes with the phone in hand or anything along those lines. The account should remain entirely stale. That last part doesn’t make sense to me because as a human I’m perfectly okay doing some likes or writing a comment in Chrome, while watching some stories on the phone next to me.

Since this is the first time accounts I manage experience this problem, I’m wondering how Instagram sees which device a user uses. As far as I can tell, it shouldn’t make a difference to them if a the proxy runs from the same network, a user uses their phone with. Say, in case their server backproxies to a home network. I’m assuming the used device is different but how many hard facts do we have? Is there some sort of documentation to read up on? For example, I haven’t checked, the GitHup pages of the inofficial PHP or Python Instagram API repositories.

Thank you.