How fast do you type?

Since I’ve seen people memeing around with the 10 finger joke, I think this thread would be interesting. I can type 110-115wpm with 2 fingers, on a gaming/mechanical keyboard. This is on a small laptop, laying in bed lol.


I guess it depends, are you doing that one handed or two? Dominant or non dominant hand?

Edit: i0s vs manual vs phone is totally different

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One index finger on both hands. I occasionally also use my middle finger if needed, but very minimally. I type slow as hell on my phone though. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and my fingers are too damn big for the keyboard.

This may show my age but I had typing class in junior high school… Lol


We had typing classes in elementary school lol. They covered our keyboards with plastic and we had a ten key program to practice on.

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Old fart :grinning:

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Mavis Beacon is a total skank.


I’m only 24 man, cmon.

We should send this to people who don’t use the search function:


What you mean is… get off my lawn, son.


I used to type pretty fast in high school. Of course being the lazy goof I was back in that time because our teacher insisted on us just typing the same line over and over eventually I just started using copy/paste to save my digits. Was glorious

This was early 90s…teachers weren’t very computer savvy at that time hehe

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I’m only at like 80-90. But I also type weird. I mostly use my pointer finger on my right hand for some reason.

80 wpm trying hard. Must be the keyboard.

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My friends and I used to play typeracer when we were in middle school :stuck_out_tongue:

I hit 108 while laying down in bed, on a macbook. I can do 115-120wpm on a mechanical keyboard. So it might actually be the keyboard holding you back lol. My fingers are far too big for most laptop keyboards.

Wow now I have an idea how old you really are :grinning:
My first PC had VGA graphics but the games I got from my friends for it were mainly CGA.

Maybe I should learn the 10 finger system lol, don’t even wanna put my answer in here :hushed:

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haha me too :sweat_smile:

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I always forget to turn the CapsLock on

I´m pretty fast on my phone, because I use both thumbs and my nose for the spacebar.


127 wpm, 99.3% accuracy. I grew up playing MUDs LOL

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