How I can create board on Pinterest for many account, and it same?

Hello, I have a problem when creating the board on Pinterest. I’m trying to create the same board for many accounts on Pinterest. But I just cloned the board from the target account. I can’t copy this setting. So I go account by account to clone the board and paste the description, category. Can I optimize them? Pls help me!

I think it’s best to write to our Support team for this one since:

  1. There is no option to select the Create Boards tool from the Global Copy Settings button, you can clarify this with them if it’s really not applicable to copy the settings from this tool to another account.

  2. If I understood it correctly, would you like to automatically have the board description and category added when you clone boards from a certain account? If yes, then you can send this over as a feature request to the support team.

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This would be a feature request. You should contact their support and ask if the is possible to add.