How I dont receive blocks and every run 10 points!

Hi, my name is Ariel, i have a company in Argentina about Digital Marketing and Development and I want to tell you some of the methods that I implement so that the accounts work correctly.

I apologize for my English,do not speak this language well, but I will try to do my best. With this post I try to give my point of view that maybe many can help.

I have tested absolutely all the tools on the market for a while, as well as different proxies.
I know that proxies are very important, but unlike many opinions that I read everywhere, it does not seem at all to be the main factor. I use normal proxies, whose value is 1 dollar each one and works fine.

Currently I use Jarvee only to follow, and Everliker to make likes.


The account of my client run in Jarvee with a proxy and in Everliker with the same proxy.

Of course, in Jarvee I made some limitations, as well as in Everliker.
If there are interested users I can deepen the explanation.

Iam running all services in a VPS of my bussines, but you can do in others webhosting companys.

The first thing I do when I set everything up from the beginning, is to buy HIDE MY ASS, which will allow me to assign to the VPS the IP of the country that I want.
For example, my clients are from Argentina and my VPS is from Canada, so if I enter an Instagram with an Argentine account in a browser with IP from Canada, I may ask for some type of annoying verification producing a nuisance for the client and lack of professionalism.

However, with HIDE MY ASS installed, I demand the server that has IP Argentina, and that allows me to log in as if it were local :slight_smile:

Install Jarvee, and log my accounts with the “regional ip” (argentina by hidemyass). When the account mark valid, I click this option:

After that, while still connected as valid, I add a proxy purchased for example in buyproxies and the account is still valid and functional!



Then, I configure Jarvee Follows :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I install Everliker in Google Chrome and an extension called SWITCHYOMEGA
That allows me to navigate the instagram account with the same IP that JARVEE is using.

Then to Everliker I allow him only 30 likes per hour. This works for any type of account, both for warm up and for an aged account


Then I make him sleep 7 hours in the typical schedule of my country


And then my cycle configuration is this. That does not matter much because I’m already warning in advance that my maximum is 30 per hour. But with this configuration it works perfect.


Past 2 weeks you can set up to 60 per hour.


With this configuration they will be able to operate perfectly and without any type of blocking any account. With proxys of ONE DOLLAR. I never use 4g proxys!

In our company we handle hundreds of clients. Therefore, if you need information on how to work in this way but in quantity just let me know if you find this information interesting.

I repeat, this text is informative. I try to collaborate with you so that everyone works well. I have not used any referral link, nor did I say the name of my company. I hope I have helped you or excited you that you can still automate :slight_smile:

I look forward to your answers.


Thanks for the info!

Is it preferred to follow more people per hour but less often instead of just a few but more often? And also, why?


you’re awesome buddy.
do you use Embedded Browser in Jarvee to follow ?
thanks !

Thanks for your comment.
I use default options in Jarvee for follow.

Something else that I forgot to comment is that we developed an application where we loaded a list of sources of some niche, for example fashion, with 3000 sources, and my application verifies that they have real followers and only returns me a list with real sources. Therefore, the likes and follows of my accounts go to certain people.


One question, why you do not use Jarvee`s like function?

Hi Luis!

Because I got tired of being blocked using Jarvee (Jarvee Likes). I think Instagram has found something in Jarvee to identify them. In contrast with Everliker I have no problem.


Hola Ariel soy de Argentina también!

Are you keeping the following under 200 per day as the rest is saying? I guess the results won’t be the same for our clients accounts… These new limitations are terrible…

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Before the blocks wave I could not use Like in Jarvee when using DC proxies like you. But after the follow blocks wave it became possible again. But as far as I heard 4g proxies was always ok to like via Jarvee.

But good to know that in this way is possible.

Hola amiguito!

The new monthly limit is 6000 followers.
Put 200 per day would be a problem, because there are months that have 31 days, therefore, you would be in 6200 (200 follows x 31 days…)

On the other hand, if you put your maximum in 193, you do not run any risk.


Example Right now for us


The Likes via Ever like is scalable to hundreds of accounts??


Can you elaborate on how SWITCHYOMEGA automatically applies the correct proxy to the correct account for everliker?

For example. Let’s say I want to run 100 accounts with everliker. How does SWITCHYOMEGA know when to switch ips? Would the up switch by SWITCHYOMEGA effect all the accounts?

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Sorry, i dont understand

@potatoe If you have 100 accounts, You should separate each instance of Google Chrome. You can do it for example with portable google, installing switchomega and everliker to each one. Then you will have 100 open chrome portables, each with its proxy and its everliker running independently and correctly.

This is what I have and I assure you that it works incredible.


Incredible. Thanks for sharing @Ariel_Blanco - I’m going to run a test with this setup.

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I am here to collaborate and learn.


Can you recommend a scraper? Seems like not to many people are using any but jarvee itself. You on the other hand are using something else? Someone has a beta in a couple of weeks but i’d def need an IG scraper for the mean time.


Hi @oneoneseven !:grin:
What you need to scrape specifically. I ask you an example to understand better.

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I used to use a scraper which was pretty simple. You see a username of which you think she has great followers for your niche. It scrapes a certain amount (for example 1500 last followers/usernames) and then you put the result through a filter of between x amount of followers and between x amount of followings. It also scraped on if it had a profile picture or not. The scraper was such an amazing tool so i’m looking for something similar outside of Jarvee

OK I understand you.
You use Jarvee for growth accounts?

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