How I get to 100k followers with no automation

The limits are hell right now.
But at least we still have tools to work the algorithm, like hitting explore through likes. But even those, in my experience, are difficult.
@heroeslair seems to have hit it really well though! Good work, mate :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Was a lot easier a year ago now. But also manual work seems far safer if you only have one account.
Having a rough time using automation on my newer accounts. Learning as I go

Hey there this is such a good post. hey what is the guy name that help you grow your account. if you don’t mind want me asking ?

thank you

the big Question my friend is why you stopped using this power like guy ?
you think power likes can do the trick also this days?

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I stopped because it was super expensive and my account wasn’t;'t making near enough money to cover it.

and you think this days power likes can give the same affect?

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I haven’t tried to be honest. But I do notice that the posts that hit explorer usually have a lot of likes from the guys that follow me whom have big accounts.

Atm I’m not working on this page at all, I just post once or twice a day and it grows slowly 500-1000 followers a week. with no effort.

From what I have read. the less a big page likes stuff the powerful their likes are. I haven’t tried it in the fitness niche as most fitness pages have terrible engagement and the good ones don’t want to do shoutouts or powerlikes.

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500 - 1000 a week is not slowly my friend its super!

i tall you the true i try everything in the passed years
and i hared about the power likes alots
and for some reason this is the only thing i never try
this is why i asked you about it
you talk about big numbers of followers that comes because this power likes
so i start to feel a bit stupid
for trying everything and not trying this :man_facepalming:

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Yeah that’s definitely how It started my growth. As you get bigger you make friends with other accounts and you like each others posts. So, ill have 250k pages liking my stuff sometimes. Usually those are the posts that do well. Think the key is that they have to like it in the first hour. (THIS IS JUST A THEORY I HAVE)

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I think its slow for bigger accounts. It used to grow way faster when I put more effort in but atm I’m trying to do m/S ON A personal account plus doing an online business so the comic page doesn’t get a lot of attention. I just let it do its thing

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yes im also focused my business jewelry page
trying likening strategy now for the passed 20 days now
i think that the F/U strategy harmed the account for the long run
and for the M/S DM strategy i think it abit of a mess to do it alone i believe you get alots of blocks and need alots of slave accounts for it
i know there is some company’s can do it for small amount of money

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I want to learn it so that I can build up an agency myself in the same niche. Basically build up 10 slaves that help my personal account which then become mothers of their own.

Then I can build different niches.If I pay someone, then I don’t learn how to do it myself.

Yeah, bots in general harm the account and f/u manually if you go overboard. I used a bot on my personal account for 2 weeks and got shadow banned. Now, the accounts engagement rate is halved. This is when I learnt about M/S.

hey there I have enjoyed reading your post about your growth and congratulations, I wanted to asked do you think the same guys who helped your growth your pages can help others?

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He’s changed the page names since I worked with him. This was a year or so ago and I have no idea what his new accounts are. All I remember is that he is russian.

Hello guys domeone helps me
My page of 13k loses its engagement i do not know why. From 300 follower a day to 30 a days, no change, same strategy, same hashtags.
I have a dog page.

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Great post.
I also have a page in the comic niche, build it just with post + hashtag so far.
You didn’t wast money, you learn and now you know what works and what doesn’t because you have been there before.
Use the same strategy but without the mistake from the first try with your other account.

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Doesn’t seem to work in the fitness niche. All the big accounts are not very good. Either fake followers or terrible engagement rate. The ones that are good don’t want to work with others. Well, from the 100 or so ive dmd.

Hence I’m trying M/S on it.

Comics is a super easy niche as there’s so much viral content out there. A personal fitness account won’t hit explorer unless you are roided out to the max or are doing something crazy. I think most big fitness account do m/s. I

Did you try any automation? Any follow/unfollow? You post anything inappropriate? Did you use the same hashtags?

I did not tried any automation, Any follow/unfollow. I have posted three products related to dogs last week. And i always use the same hashtags.

You probably got shadow banned for repeating hashtags