How I work manually. (Guide)

Hi all. For my main account I have been doing manual F/U and Likes and it has been working quite well. Averaging around 70 followers a day when I do it and it only takes me around 30-45 minutes on average.

To start I usually pick an account in my niche with around 20k followers to 200k followers. I don’t tend to use the massive accounts as a lot of their followers can be low quality. I use beforehand to check how real their followers are first.

I then go onto their most recent post and follow and like the latest post of people who have commented. I then go to the likes if their isn’t many commenters and I target around 50 people. I then repeat this step for a few different sources until I hit around 300-350 follows for the day.

One thing that I have found is that people who are on a ‘private’ profile tend to follow back more! However these can be a pain to unfollow as there is one more tap you have to do.

For unfollows there is an option in Instagram to sort by latest followed which you can see here:

I then unfollow everyone I just followed after around 24 hours. From my experience you can do around 150-200 unfollows at a time before they stop sticking. When this happens just try again in 30 minutes it should be fine.

At the same time as all this im using Instagram normally all day, liking normally, DMing and commenting as any normal person would. I also make use of polls, sliders etc in stories which helps boost engagement.

Any questions just ask below and I will happily answer! :sunglasses:


definitely great idea if you re building your own account (1)

crazy to imagine if dealing with 100+ accounts


Yeah I agree. Would be an absolute pain and a chore with anything more than 10 accounts by yourself!

obviously you will have people going for “your employees/VAs can do that for you”

but that would inevitably lead to increasing the price to the clients anyways

  • 5 accounts per device (yes you can log-out/log-in)
  • data consumption (well not my in country, we still dont have unlimited data plans) i would stick to LTE myself for the sake of my own sanity

definitely good Plan B in case J doesnt work, yet we manage to do 100 F a day and 100 likes no problems.

also testing 140 F in 10 min (to “mimic” someone who would do it manually, intervals 5-10 sec)

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  • i wouldnt share private data such as clients logins/emails to VAs
    considering we are working with a lot of national/internation level businesses

Yeah 100% I wouldn’t feel safe sharing clients or my own info with VA’s at all. This is a decent stop gap solution at best or for people who want to grow a personal account. :slight_smile:

Yea as @JakeCOYS says, it’s a nice fix mainly for personal accounts rather than a large amount of accounts/companies.

I wonder if it’ll be possible somehow to emulate iOS devices on JV or if there’s any automation tool capable of that…


definitely much better temporary solution since its “very hard” to get action blocks if done manually (much harder than in J or M)

Yeah you have to really try and push the limits to get blocks. I haven’t gotten one yet.

@JakeCOYS, do you do this through your phone or browser? Any experience doing it through browser on PC? Would that be faster or are there more clicks and time involved?

I do this on my iPhone X, I think the limit would be much less on a browser. Time it takes would be similar though, maybe a little slower.


Good one.
Thank You for sharing.
BTW, is there any way just to unfollow the ones who don’t follow back?

If you have a jailbroken iOS device you can use Rocket for Instagram which tells you on someones profile if they follow you or not. I think you can also sideload it as well.

How long have you been doing this method? ,

-If more than a month, did you encounter any blocks for doing 6k actions on the last 30 days (or anytime once you reach 6k actions) ?

Been doing it for around 2 months now. I have definitely gone over the 6k actions for sure. No blocks :sunglasses:

Wow, thank you. I think that limit depends on so many things. Some accounts has it and others don’t. What’s your daily growth? How frequent you post?

Try and post atleast once a week. Trying to do even more than that! Daily growth when I do this, is usually around 70 followers?

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Hey guys!

Just found an iOS app which allows you to follow competitors followers as well as likers of the latest post uploaded.

It’s a freemium app but the cool thing is that by paying $15 (one-time) you’re able to manage up to 5 accounts and automate everything thanks to their cloud service.

EDIT: I’m just testing atm.


we are managing more than 100 accounts manually

we dont give passwords to our agents we do login on their phone for them

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