How I work manually. (Guide)


dont get me wrong that doesnt really change anything with access to data


all our agents are trusted, we are working with them from long time we have written agreement with each agent with their signature and id attached , but we still dont share password with them we use software to auto fills the login.


thats 100% understandable and makes total sence

i am just playing devils advocate, i would personally have a SW which used to work great work again
imagine devs going for “eh screw it” hire a bunch of people to do it manually

less costs, less hassle


There is no doubt manually its a lot safer instagram got no beef with people who are doing things manually , finding daily temporary solutions to make it work with bot gives a big headache to both client and agency


Will surely check that out.


how long you do this method?


You can do that many manual follow that fast without getting blocked?


I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now! Works great. No blocks as of yet. :sunglasses:


Seen a few people using this on another forum and have been getting blocks, let us know how it works!


I have been doing manual actions with 6 of client accounts just like you and all of them got blocked (like/follow block with no date). However they were on Jarvee before and I think thats probably what lowered their trust score.

Also its just an assumption but these profiles were stopped from all actions in the social profiles tab which could have also been a reason - maybe some kind of a fingerprint jarvee is leaving even when not doing any actions.

I am not using jarvee for clients anymore at all just way too many problems and pretty much lost most of my clients.


My account was on Jarvee before and it’s fine. What phone and were you on wifi?


I know you said you are doing 300 follows+ per day and encountered no blocks, but we have people from this forum extensively testing manual F/U. The 6k/30 limit still applies to 90% of accs even manually.

Just so no one gets mislead and thinks every acc can do over 6k follows


Iphone 4s and Iphone 6 yes on the first day I was on my home wi - fi next day it was all 4 mobile sims.


Thats weird because I and a couple of others have definitely gone over this limit and not encountered such blocks?


I used this app before JV and it is very simplistic compared to JV.
During this block wave the app had a ton of problems and they actually took the app off of the app store.
At one point, they put even out a notice that they could not solve the block wave. I probably would not use it at this point.


Good to know, thanks for sharing!

The free version works so far, but limited to 50 follows…

Don’t know if I should spend money on it…


How much do u all post per day when using automation?


Since you unfollow after 24 hrs, dont they unfollow you right back?


From my experience, automation is dead. Jarvee has had a lot of issues in the last few months. I have been using for my accounts and their service is pretty good. Definitely slower growth than automation but they do everything manually so I havent had any issues with blocks on my accounts.


they only do commenting? Lol