How I work manually. (Guide)


I try and post atleast once a week. I should be posting more though.


Yeah man. Some do, some don’t. All part of the game. :sunglasses:


i think thats the issue, only a theory but think about it, u are trying to follow 200 people a day by not contributing anything to the plattform. Its like a bank account! They stated that they dont wanna stop automation, they only want to understand it, to dont have the same issue like the last election. If u are a like a normal user with automation why they should care about u? U are seeing their ads u post stuff and u dont want to do the manuell stuff, why they should care if u can follow more then 300 people manuelly


Hey @JakeCOYS just wanted to know if this method has kept working for you or have you modified it in some manner, thanks for the help!


Hi, How to prevent the mistake of following people who have stopped following again


I’ve been using this same exact method for a couple months, OP. I don’t follow more than 120 or so a day, though. Don’t want to get blocked. It’s grueling, but it works!


Same really. I follow and unfollow on seperate days because im lazy though.


How many followers per day are you averaging with this at the moment?


When they remove the abillity to see likes how will you follow people?


OP can still use commentators list and followers list for that.


If they don’t remove views, you can still click on that and follow those who liked.


Hello, for those of you who are using excel to display your scraped users from Jv, do you add INSTAs url before each username so you dont have to type the username into Instagram, instead you just press the link and you will be directed to the users page or do you just have just the username and you will then have to type the username in to search for the profile? Thanks in advance!


Hey everyone, anyone can share results?
I’m doing manual F\UF for almost 1 month and yesterday got 2 accounts blocked for 1 week period …
used to do 1 session with 150-200 follows \ day on the same time every day :slight_smile:

Anyone can relate?


That is a lot of actions even if full manual.


Are these accounts connected only to your device? Or are they clients accounts running on their side too?


I agree too :slight_smile:


try not go over 80 each time. unfollow must be slow as well… the one week is related to unfollow to fast too many.


2 sessions \ day with 80 each will do the trick?


I have a manuall bot lol I do like 3* 50.


O man… doing it manually must be lot of work. Using mobile proxy with any custom bot who uses Android device should be the same as doing it manually. You can reset the session and go again. Speed limits of course have changed but I can’t imagine doing it manually specially when working with many clients. Hats off to guys who are doing it manually!