How is that growth even possible?

Hi there guys
I’ve watched this video a few weeks ago and still wonder how is this even possible ?
This is serious growth.
Any idea about how those guys manage to get to this incredible growth ?

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They are simply shouting from other bigger accounts


It’s all explained in the video how?..


do you feel is that all ?
I have clients which invested good money on shoutouts with good profiles (same niche, good engagement rates,legit followers) and never ever got that kind of growth. That’s pretty awesome …

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There are many ways to grow this fast. All have one thing in common. Very big accounts behind them. This happens more than you think and done every day.
Edit : I seen a page grow to 120k just in 3 days


I had heard about it but never seen that real time. Really impressive !
I suppose there’s a bunch of money involved for doing this and serious influencer account analysis
before paying them…

I think this is all meant to drive traffic to their IG Millions course which costs like $400. Supposedly, these strategies are all taught in the course. :man_shrugging:t4:


Another way.

  1. make yourself a course on instagram growth.
  2. Post a few picts, capture screen with little followers.
  3. Buy 50-100k of drip feed fake followers set for 1 day.
  4. Buy few thousand likes.
  5. Make video on how you can grow 50k a day but you gotta buy this course.
  6. put on youtube.

That guy and those pages were all called out as scammers in January he made multiple videos with different pages so you’ll buy from promos from the pages you see in the video all those pages mostly post vidoes because its $10 for 100k views much cheaper than likes


this model grew 4 million in days

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I’ve been doing promos for years with most of these models but since September most of them are using fake likes and followers


Curious to hear where these guys were called out as scammers. Do you have any sources? Found a download source online for their course, going through it now. So far, nothing too great, but it’s not terrible!

If you’re going to buy a promo and they tell you to put your page public don’t buy because they need your page open to send bots


hahahaha…ok that’s a good method !

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Easy to spot. All the accounts used for those fast push promotion proofs are not used anymore because they are dead inside. They have no value. Or why do you think “Internet Marketers” just leave a 500k Instagram account sitting on the side doing nothing?

Since this is the public section of the forum I will add this:

Start using your brain. If someone sells you a guide about growing, they most likely don’t know shit about it. Why? They would leverage their growing skills and not sell guides worth “pennies” to wannapreneurs. Yes, shortcuts do work, but no one is going to sell them to you.

Wake up, leave the bubble. Nothing ever good happens in it. Only outside of the bubble, having a clear view on things, you will be able to build assets and hopefully a fortune. Once you feel fear and uncomfortable you can be sure that you are on the right path. Nothing ever great happened in the comfort zone. Your brain resists really hard staying in the patterns that you build over the years, decades. Breaking down those patterns will make you feel scared, desperate, uncomfortable and that is fine. You can compare it with trying to stop consuming an addictive drug and the drug in this case is ‘not succeeding’.

^ to whom it might concern :slight_smile:


That’s crazy !! what’s the point to get so many followers … is that even worth to invest like this ?
I mean are they returning their money back with shoutouts, partnerships etc ?
Even if those followers are crap, it wil cost a lot to get those numbers …
Incredible !

I am a believer of hard work pays off. Smart work always is better. You’re right Henry :slight_smile:


Its like they dont even use their brain


Appreciate the response! Not to negate everything else you said here, but both the accounts used in his “100k in 48 hours” and “50k in 24 hours” videos are still up and running. Here’s the 100k one. Here’s the 50k one.

One is private, but both are active and still being used. The engagement is alright for the personal account, as far as likes/views go.

As I mentioned before, I’m checking the course out now, and will update if there’s anything of extraordinary value.