How is TikTok automation compared to Instagram?

Title pretty much :slight_smile: I’m referring to action blocks and bans mostly. I was thinking I should start automating tiktok with follow-unfollow, comments, etc…

I tried Jarvee for this cpl days ago and only messed up my account TikTok shadow banned it. Jarvee doesn’t work for TikTok autom. at the moment due to the recent algorithm updates they made, Jarvee confirmed that. I hear that autom with other bots works still way better than IG autom, am yet to test anything else tho.

there are a lot of users that grow TikTok accounts some of them really experienced in the Tiktok platform and with very good results.

here is an example of an experienced user

The TikTok tools in Jarvee are not working at the moment, I’m not sure why you say it only messed up your TikTok account and TikTok shadow banned it. I don’t think your account can get shadowbanned just by logging in to the account on the embedded browser.

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They most certainly are not working!
With the initial TikTok account set up With Jarvee it kept verifying the account, logging in and out multiple times. Had to troubleshoot add cookies etc. Finally I was in and then it just started kicking in and out. I didn’t do any actions at all. My account was doing great views wise and after that it dropped 99%. TikTok definitely caught up on that. My views are still down.

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