How long Warm Up (Jarvee-Instagram)?

How long would you wait until going for 50followers/day with a fresh/virgin account?

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2 weeks, I always keep the actions below 30 for the first 2 weeks then increase a little bit day by day.

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Thanks for the insight. When do you start with following? I have realized starting with it from day 1 is a bad idea.

*below 30
you mean 30/day, right?

following/unfollowing is the last thing I do, first warm up the account really good and I try to make it look natural as possible using like comment, stories, posts, random actions for about a week then I start following users 10 to 15 per day and increasing that slowly

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Thanks again for the insight. I usually use the Contact tool as well. Can I start with it right away or would you say it is similar to the Follow tool and I should also do it later after warming up with commenting, liking etc.?

1-2 weeks. You can set the follow tool like this:

As for the Contact tool, I usually start the Contact tool with low settings after i’m done with the warm up process.

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Thanks a lot Ossi, I will work with the screenshot. It seems like settings I have used in the past, but from day 1 (not a good idea).

after warming up the account for few days you can start with the contact tool, in the same way as well, very slow, and work your way up.

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Make sure as well that the account details are as human as possible (has a bio, profile picture)

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Yes, I agree. I usually do at least the profile picture already when I created the account. Do you do the rest after a few day or also right away?

I am personally not going that fast. I’ve got some fresh accounts that I’ve started a month ago and they are still on 15-25 follows per day. I am thinking to go 25-35 for the next couple of weeks and then will try to go with 50 per day. I prefer going slower but safer.

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anyone still work with ipv4 for long term ?

yes i have proxies IP4 and they are fine untill now, do you have issues using them?

i didnt tested ,im thinking to start .u do only 50 f a day with ipv4?

I did a 1 month warmup and after completing warmup and started to increase actions, all accounts got ev/pv

as a start I would recommand way less than that, 10-15 follow per day then you can increase daily up to 100 follow per day but make sure to wamup the account using other tools and work slowly.

I usually keep the default setting for 14 days or more to warm up accounts. Or even a much lower start.

How much increase did you do with your accounts? Sudden jump on actions could cause that issue also. It’s best to gradually increase your setting.

thanks man , thanks a lot , i`m gone give it a try

you are welcome :+1: you can use the like comment, like and story viewing to warm up the account then you can start the following after that.