How many accounts are you able to run with 4g proxy (200 F day each)

Hey guys!

I build my own 4g network, 3 accounts follow between 150-200 members each account.

I want to scale up up 10 accounts (So total will follow 1,500-2,000 daily across all the accounts).

Do you think it’s possible? Anyone succeseed running 10 acc per 4g proxy?

Again - The IP is 100% clean and used by me ONLY

Thanks in advance!


This is totally doable - as i do exactly the same :slight_smile:

12 hours shift - 5 / 5

what do you mean 12 hour shift? you run 10 acc/proxy?
morning-night > run 5acc
night - morning > run 5acc?

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Yeeap ! 13chars

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I heard you can run like 10 of them, maybe more.

you run 10acc/proxy without any block?

If you’re in a crowded place like capitals, you can run so much more than 10. But the less, the safest.

No one is running anything without blocks.

I personally fix a few blocks everyday (100+ acc), but all green

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If the proxy is really clean, it is possible to run even 20 accounts.

10 accs one shift and 10 more - another.
12 hours for each shift


if action get temporary block. i should stop the tools for 3hour or 1day? or i should stop all account in same proxy?

Guys, I appreciate all your replies, you guys are the best and this forum is so AMAZING.

I was thinking to shifts as you mentioned 5\5 or 10\10 (if possible), however, if I do it that way, when do I start unfollowing?

Do you unfollow together or you do like 5 accounts 12 hours a day (200 follow each), then another 5 at the night (total 2,000 followers in 24h), and then after a month you start unfollowing 200\each or?)

The only thing I am not sure when and how to start is unfollowing, what do you guys think?

Thank you!!

I will have to say it depends on many factors such as the proxy location and quality and your settings as people mentioned above. I personally am unable to move past 6 accounts per proxy, but obviously other people are successful with 10 and more. You will have to test and see by yourself.

how do you fix the block?

recomended is 4:1 or 6:1 , and dont run all the accoutns at the same time. Split tasks like, 4 accounts running from 12am to 11am and 4 accounts runing from 12pm to 11pm

Everything explained on the mega thread :wink:

All you is is a pawn

Im running 3 accs per proxy without blocks :slight_smile:

10 profiles per one 4G LTE IP is fine.
5 profiles per one 4G LTE Proxy is fine.

4G LTE IP is the most trusted source of connection on IG.

Was running 12 acc’s manually on one 4g lte ip wifi hotspot - no blocks.

150-200follows/day per profile.
250-300likes/day per profile.

That is my experience. So no worries.


What about the unfollow, when you do it and how many

I guess you can do unfollow whenever within the active 12 hours

50 an hour/ 500 a day worked fine for me. Didnt try more