How many accounts can be connected to one 4G proxy?

I would like to know how many accounts it is safe to run in a 4G proxy for (max: aggressive, min: safest):

  1. Instagram/Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter
  4. Tiktok
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn
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Wrote a nice guide a some time ago relating to this and yes you can run multiple social media accounts at the same time

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Wow, that was a nice guide. Need to implement something like this.
I’m just curious in case if all the accounts are running at the same time without any night shifts, how many accounts will we able to add to a 4g proxy for the above mentioned platforms?

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Tested only for Instagram, for other platforms you need to test it yourself :slight_smile:

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Hi @shijilkumar this may not be true always as it still depends how you manage you accounts but it is highly recommended to connect 10 profiles max per 4G proxy. In my case, I connect 10 IG, 10 LI, 10 Twitter, 10 Pinterest, 10 TikTok to the same proxy but if you are going to connect IG and FB together make sure to consider them as same entity. Hence, max 5 IG and 5 FB if together in one proxy.

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Also it depends on rotation and the ip pool in that area. If you rotate the ip too much with a small pool it will cause choas. This is why lots of 4g scraper proxies go bad.

Also depends on your skills with automation of that platform and how many actions.

I have run 50-100 per proxy but also have run under 10. Just depends on what you are doing and how many actions are done.

For a newer person I suggest staying under 10 till you’re comfortable as @Tal_Klinger suggested. Then you can try push some limits with a test proxy.


is it possible to run 50-100 per proxy doing 50-100 actions per day?

Depends on the proxy history. Instagram calculates average subnet activity weekly & monthly.

If it’s a mobile proxy with a lot of users then you can run more accounts as a result.

i have 4/5 accounts for every one of them. it is working fine.