How many accounts per iphone

Hey all, how can I run my 3 accounts manually on iPhone ? Is there a method or way I should approach this? Mobile data and airplane mode when switching ? I’ve hit a password reset should I rest for 24hours…

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IG increased the limit to 10 accounts,so 10 accounts is safe.
Did you log from different carrier/wifi? maybe thats why IG hit you with password reset.
I am running 6 accounts and will go all the way up to 10.
Never hit with a password reset.

After a password reset it is in your interest to play safe. You will rest the account and start up slowly again.
Raising by 10 daily is a very good starting point once you have rested the account. Rest time anywhere between 24-72 hours.
Now it is hard for us to know what caused your account compromization and password reset. But you want to avoid that kind of behaviour and hitting password reset multible times in a row. That can cause your account getting disabled.

As @florin22xxl indicates, it is possible to run many accounts on one device. It all comes down to every and each account and their trust score. With time you will figure that out for every account.

I use 10 accounts everyday and it’s work fine :slight_smile:

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I think 3 accounts run manually shouldn’t cause any particular issues if you are using them not that aggressively.

Would u mind sharing your warm up settings and manual normal settings please ? :slightly_frowning_face:

running 3 accounts from the same device shouldn’t be a problem just make sure to start slow 20-30 follow per day for the first 5-7 days with some story viewing and comment likes to make the account look natural then you can increase that day by day up to 150-200 max.

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Sorry to sound dumb.
I’m a bit slow with all this social media,

How much would u increase each action per day and should I only use 4g on mobile for this?

you can increase by 8-12 per day and yes 4g proxies are necessary these days, IG trusts them and they should keep your account safe.

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Would u mind if I dm you?

i think there is more factors than 4g… i have been using DC’s for months with no issues… account quality plays a big role

Maximum following per day ?

For sure, quality and use play a big role. I’m sitting here with 4 accounts on my phone and no problems, but all my actions are ‘normal’ and white hat.

I used to have a couple of accounts on one phone while running up to 150 F/UF a day, but that took a long time to work up to and I still got soft blocks from IG.

150-200 follow per day after a week or two of warming up the account.

25-30 DMs after few days for warmup as well.

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IG has raised the limitations for maximum number of Accounts per app/device. I don’t know the maximum number of Accounts can be added but I have added 20 Accounts for just trying. But yeah I am using Android device so not sure if that actually works for iOS or not. But after adding 20 it was allowing me to add even more Accounts. And yes you can link all Accounts to one parent Account. This means when you will login the parent Account in any device all rest Accounts will be automatically logged in without issues. If someone want to know the actual limit than I would say he has to try to add Accounts manual until IG stops him.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: