How many IG accounts can I run on Jarvee

I want to purchase a Jarvee subscription, but I have 5 instagram accounts. Can I run bots on all 5 IG accounts under a single Jarvee subscription? Or do I need to purchase a Jarvee subscription for each IG account?


Hi, Starter plan from Jarvee includes 10 IG accounts, its 29.95 usd a month!


Great! Can you point me to any resources explaining how to get started? I have no idea what the heck Proxies are or VPNs or any of the other stuff i’ve been reading about on here.

Yeah for sure.

Proxies are unique IPs like (your home has one, your phone has one and etc) if you want to use more accounts you will need proxies for sure because instagram may think connect the dots and find out that you are using a multiple acounts on single ip and botting with them which is bad!
If you want to run only 5 accounts you will not need any proxies or vpns just use safe settings and setup everything according to this

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You dont need proxies for only 5 accounts. You can just run those all on your home IP.


What if I have totalled over 5 logins on different IG accounts on my home IP, will that be a problem? I’ve made a bunch of instagram accounts in my past and while I only use 5 currently, there is still a history of more than 5 accounts that have been logged into on my home IP. Sorry if this is a dumb question, i’m really new to this!

Nope no issues with that at all. You are fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this video awesome!

If I decide to do more than 5 IG accounts on Jarvee, may you please refer me to a guide on how to do that? I am guessing I will have to learn the whole “IP and Proxy” stuff which I know nothing about at the moment! Thanks for your help!


Check out this getting started guide I made just for you


The other person in this thread said that I don’t need a Proxy for only 5 IG accounts and your guide says if i’m using more than 1 account I will need a proxy. Which one is correct?

Both. Depends how much you are doing on your home IP. If you push one account hard it could effect the other accounts. Separate proxies is safer.


if you don’t go too fast you can use 5 account on your home proxy, your are at the limit, but doing so if 1 get caught all does, while on proxy they are not linked, so if those accounts are really important go for a good proxy.


What makes a proxy a good one? I don’t know anything about them. Can you please point me to the best and safest proxy for IG accounts?

Mobile proxy are the best, use the search on the forum there is all the knowledge you need! those question have been answered lots of times and there are some basic guides.
If you wanna do your things well take your time :smiley:


When you say pushing one to hard can affect your other accounts, I’m assuming you mean that if one of you accounts on your Home IP address gets banned then they all get banned as a worse case scenario. Is that what you mean?

Yes, that’s the possibility

That wasn’t a very good blanket rule to state that you’ll be fine using all 5 accounts on the 1 IP. You very well could be fine, but that also depends on how aggressively you use them in terms of number of actions and types of actions, and the quality of the accounts, and also any things that might link them together like tagging the same main account for example. That’s why proxies exist and if you have good quality proxies you will be much safer, or to the opposite you may end up having just been safer using your home IP with careful actions compared to using the accounts on poorer quality proxies.


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curious what you think about these run timers? every 2-4 mins doing a follow task everyday?

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Yeah, pretty safe, I never got banned follow banned, it’s all about proxies and starting warming up, if you want good proxies @HenryCooper is the way to go