How many people can you safely follow per day on pinterest?


I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how many people per day you can follow on pinterest? I have read that as long as you keep it under 1000 you should be fairly safe. Is this a good idea?


It used to be possible, but lately i am only able to get ~150/day. If i go faster i get Pinterest messages to slow down. I guess it depends on the settings, but I am currently not able to get over 200/day.


You can follow 200 people every 2 hours for old accounts and 50 every 2 hours for new accounts.


Pinterest is a web and mobile software system design and discovers information on the world wide web. Pinterest can set the limit on the total number of pins, board and follows on a personal account. You can have 500 boards, 200,000 pins and 50,000 follows.
You can 10 to 15 follows as safe follows, but you can exceed 300 follows a day are flagged by the company as spammers.