How many phone verifications?

I switched to Jarvee and have had a lot of struggles right out of the gate with some of the most basic settings. Following 300, unfollowing 350, liking 300, all evenly spread out throughout the day.

Long story short, two of my accounts that I absolutely cannot lose were phone verified earlier this week. Then phone verified again today. I put the halt on it all. I am using residential IP from resnetworking. Just wanted to know how many phone verifications an account can get, or if I am overreacting.


Why are you using “residential” IP’s from resnetworking?

The issue is not JARVEE, it’s Instagram doing what they do.


Thanks for the help. I am working with my brand account and a couple more. I was under the impression a residential IP was better than a dedicated proxy. We are looking for the safest route possible. Would appreciate any advice here. Doing a cool down period right now.

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Feel free to drop a PM if you are looking for quality.


Yeah, Instagram cracking down on folks who do what you do, too. Following, Unfollowing.

You are right about that. The problem is that residential proxies from resnetworking are not residential.

That can be another problem.


Thank you for sharing this. Still learning a lot. What proxies do you prefer because you trust them?

Also, why would those number be a problem? I worked up to that with a slow ramp up, increasing by 25 everyday from 100. I also have seen double these numbers.

This may or may not be the issue, but think about it - do regular Instagram users spread out their activity evenly throughout the day? Or do they do it in several different bursts of activity?

No human follows 300 people in the day by following one person exactly every 4 minutes and 48 seconds…

Again, I don’t know if this is what’s causing your issue, but I imagine developers at Instagram would be smart about this, and they are currently on the defence against automation.

Play around with this, see if things improve. Good luck.


Instagram is mostly using clustering to detect bots such as MP, the artificial intelligence basically collects all the data on IG and simply classify what stats (number of follows / followers / posts / actions / proxies / account creation etc) represent a normal user (they are working with millions of data, so you best believe the accuracy is very high).

MP is using random time between action to lower the possibility of detection but it’s the users (you) which are responsible for the number of actions done during the day, be sure that a lower number of actions will overtime trigger much less problems.

Although I noticed some weird “GET” calls during my analysis of the API and those could be used to detect bot patterns.


You’ve had trouble with resnetworking?

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Resnetworking is one of at least 2 people who have access to, and use the ASN 701.

They buy and sell IPs under it, and in theory they should be good. They should be “residential”. I purchased a large quantity of IPV4 IPs from them a long time ago and they looked great. Location was a catholic school website server on the east coast.

Problem was that they were all sequential. Blocked immediately with the first hour of use. It took forever to convince them to let me try some of their IPV6.

Again, all sequential ( this bad, especially with IPV6). Customer service is shit. The worst. I had to chargeback via PayPal and dispute and it took forever.

I can make any IP look residential. I know how/where to buy/lease IPs, how to route them through hurricane electric, how to announce them with a residential ASN so they look like residential.

You might even see @dimitri talk about the difference between residential and REAL residential around the forum. Just because they say residential does not mean they are really. Real residential has an actual end user on them. The more subnets, the more blocks of IPs, the better.

I wouldn’t touch resnetworking with a 20 foot (6.096 meters to those that use the metric system) pole. I could tag a few leaders, and some respected forum members and they would easily backup my claims.

So yes, stay away from resnetworking.


LOL…love the conversion

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Yes, realizing now there are strong opinions against using them. Hopefully my phone validated/shadow banned accounts can heal. Haven’t been on any since last week’s 2nd phone validation.

PM Me, i really don’t want to go to BlazeSEO and risk more.

This is straight up hilarious. Thanks for the conversion.

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Well that’s exactly not what was being done. In Jarvee its set up to sleep at night, like normal. follow between 8-12 people with 30seconds to 3 mins inbetween each. And then rest between 20-40mins in between that. It’s pretty damn good at creating randomness and also set up like a fairly active aspiring influencer that is doing this all manual. I’m certain I was affected because the IP.

Are you in a spam operation? Are they client accounts? There are plenty of trusted sellers here. Lots of people have success with “budget” proxies. But if you are buying “residential” proxies, then you are likely not as worried about cost.

Contact @HenryCooper for everything from spam proxies to client.

Contact @mindeswx for client proxies

Contact @Digital7Boy in a month or two when he has new lines

Alternatively, you can inquire with @dimitri about setting up your own proxy server and how to purchase your own IPs.

In level 2 and up you can find most of the threads including howto’s.

Best of luck!


Thank you so much. Really appreciate the help. No spam operation, I work in-house for a business that has several accounts. Legit businesses. Hoping to get enough likes soon to get to level 2.


Contact those sellers and you’ll get good proxies. Level 2 is a bit of work but very worth it IMO


I’ve gotten 1 phone verification after 5 days on Jarvee.

Then, after using jarvee for less than 7 days, two of my accounts are in a verification loop and I can’t get out of it.

(with conservative numbers too: I built them up slowly to 225 follows & likes per day)

I imagine I need some proxies as I’m using the default IP of my VPS.

I hope you solve you issue @jpfletcher8


I’m having this issue too with attempting to verify new accounts… getting stuck loop I can’t get out of. When I click ‘verify via API’ a scripted error box is popping up and I get nowhere.

I’m using residential proxies, but I also attempted to use my own IP to see if it made a difference and it did not. Not able to take on any new clients ATM.

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Are you thinking your bot is somehow flagged? Is this error happening with new accounts? Are you using a residential IP service provider?