How many Pinterest accounts on same IP?

I seen some talk that you can run 5 accounts, others say that you can run 3 accounts and some same that the best is to run only 1 account on same IP.

In your opinion what is the best setup to run the accounts/account?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=4]

  • 1 account/IP
  • 3 accounts/IP
  • 5 accounts/IP
  • More than 5 accounts/IP

For Pinterest? I only have 3 accounts and they are spread over 3 proxies, but Ive never heard of a single Pinterest account getting banned for any reason… It never hurts to limit the number per proxy tho.


Since you asked what’s the best solution I voted for 1 proxy 1 account. It’s surely the best but also most expensive way to go.

However, I use 3 or 4 Pinterest accounts per proxy.


@wortime @Adnan I know the best way is to keep 1 accounts / IP as in many other cases. But if its not spamming I don’t see any problems.

Just repins and uploads at a normal amount ( 30-40 / day for each account )

Oh, they get banned :smiley: and they have no mercy when their cleaning starts.

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Also forgot to add that they are not fallowing/liking just uploadig till 1-2 months old

I think this will warm them up.

Go with 3 accounts, it’s still safe and you won’t have to spend much on proxies.

The thing is, if you go with more, they can temporary block actions from that IP. I experienced that on home IP. They simply show you the warning like “we noticed unusual activity from this IP… bla bla bla” when you try to follow or repin. But there’s 5 or 6 accounts on my home IP…


Then I will stick only to uploading using MassPlanner with around 3-4 posts/day .
Wanting to warm them up. If they are warmed good I think that after warming it will be no problem starting repins/fallow/unfallow

i recommend 4 max, when i added a 5th thats when i started getting banned and i tested this with multiple groups of accounts. 4 accounts is the most you can safely have under the same proxy. :blush:


For Pinterest I would also say 3. It’s still safe enough and never experienced bans.

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Hey Adnan, I have over 10 accounts on 1 ip that I use without proxies, why do you think I have not gotten banned yet?

it’s just a the matter of time when you will be banned :wink:

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Rokas I don’t think that’s gonna happen cause I have had them for over 4 years now and use them all the time some have 20k follow, 10k followers, 4k followers 7k follower and the newest one I am working on right now has around 1.3k and it is only 3 months old. But I believe that Pinterest lets me have them cause they are all linked to my different blogs.

Are you asking about number of accounts on home IP or the Proxy IP?

Per proxy need to use only one pinterest. And after create if we not use immediately it gonna banned.

Hey just a question what type of proxy’s are you using, data center seem risky but residential is expensive like $7 per gb, would love to know


Think using more that 2 is risky. you can try three at most anything over that may risk banning your main account