How much are you guys charging?

Hey guys with clients,

how much are you charging your clients per month?

With all the scrapers burning, and proxies needed to run these scrapers, how are you guys keeping your business a float? Many thanks


Just think how much monthly does it cost you to do it and double the price

I know some guys who are charging <70$/mo, and some others who are charging up to 300$/mo.

The prices first of all depends on your overall expenses, but also a lot on both the seller and buyer. If your client comes from BHW or MPsocial, you will align with the competition, obviously. I know some sellers who are getting their clients outside of the black/greyhat world, and they charge way more, for the same service.

Major factor : sellers & clients

It would also help to say what kind of service do you provide exactly and what goes under that :slight_smile: Maybe then you would get more information from other community members.

I charge $100 to $300 per month for IG growth. Most average around $180.
I charge $400 to $1,000 per month for content creation and posting for all channels.
I charge $175 per month for Linkedin automated connections and messaging.
I charge 10% of ad spend for all paid advertising creation and management.

Make my own scrapers and use 10 cent per month DC proxies.


Yes, I agree, your price should really depend on the services that you’re offering and of course on your expenses.

200-250 € / month. It’s a lot of work these days.

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138€, my customers are French :+1:t3:


138€ for which service ?

Only follow / unfollow / liking

We are charging resellers from 85$ all down to 65$(Quantitiy) for manual F/UF/L.

Is that the price for growth?

Yes. We also help with tips for creating good content.

yummy 10 cent DC Proxies :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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> * Make my own scrapers and use 10 cent per month DC proxies.

How is possible to find 10 cent per month DC proxies? Can you tell us link of that service. Thanks in advance.

I charge $299/ month just for f/uf. I offer money back if I don’t get them minimum 300 follow back a month. Moreover, if it includes content creation then I charge $499 with posting and Hastags research. And for full package, I charge $699 with includes. DM groups, 300 minimum likes, f/uf and content creation. This offer only for Cold market which I target through Instagram DM or email marketing. I know I charge little higher but It requires lot of work. I do manual action only. No bots.


I was wrong, it’s 16 cents per month per proxy.

Sorry, I can’t share my provider but there are lots of providers at this price. You can find them on google or BHW. Probably not first page though, a couple pages back.

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I charge $100/month for manual follow/unfollow. I started back when it was at $50 … but costs go up as scraping costs require more accounts these days. As long as the customer is happy with the results, most of them do come back. Also charging too low usually results in a less-smart customer (i.e those that when we explain that there’s an algorithm update/etc just don’t want to listen)… it’s all about finding the right balance

I charge 55€ for resellers and 80-100€ for clients

I do Mother/Child only smallest package $280 for 750-1500 followers
Prices go up to $10k+

With the amount of bans + 24 hour review messages I’ve seen in this forum there’s no way I’m gonna be botting on a client account… 1 way ticket to a stressful life. Even using “EB Only”, 1 single update could ban all your client accs and im not risking that lol