How much do you cater for mobile on your Pinterest board titles?

I have a wedding Pinterest and I looked up some info that said that mobile was the main place that people came to Pinterest from. All my wedding boards are things like great spring wedding etc.

If that is true then people might only see the words great spring… on their mobile.

Do you think this is true and if so how do you get round this for your niche boards?

Just joined MP social and am excited to hear from people on here.


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I don’t have my Pinterest account anymore that I used with Shopify, but I got the majority of my traffic through Pinterest and it was mobile traffic. My personal belief, is the Pin image matters more than the description. Use the description to be seen in the algo, and use the image to grab the attention of your customer.


Yes, most of the traffic to Pinterest comes from mobile and I agree with MrBrad595 the content is much more important.

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Pinterest is a big platform to get huge traffic to your website. Mostly user open Pinterest desktop after than mobile. But for some years, the number of mobile users of pinterest has increased.