How much do you pay for your proxys and scrapers?

Hi guys!

I can’t use Jarvee for 3 months. I tried all (of course uncheck aaaall the filtres, but nothing works). So, I think it is a proxy + scrapers issue. I used a Spanish provider proxys but scrapers when constantly in EV and captcha so I change the scrapers to Driulls scrapers and also from other provider but the EV and captcha still, so I change the proxy to ProxyElite. Again the same EV and captcha after trying to verify the accounts… I only have 30 accounts 60$ subscription and I paid around 50$ for 30 proxys but I see that other websites offer 90 and more $ for 1 proxy, so if you have 30 accounts you pay 2700$ for proxys and 60$ for using Jarvee :frowning:. Could you recommend me some proxy provider not so expensive? Also If you recommend me some scraper provider also will make my day… I promise it’s gonna be my last month of try, if not, let’s stop automatization…Thank you gays.

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Hi @KAMAKANY I think you have visited my my thread before already. Here it is: 🌐 HIGH-QUALITY 4G MOBILE PROXIES | Available locations in UK, Austria, and Israel | 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL | FREE JARVEE TOOLS | FAST | RAW | UNLIMITED DATA - #97 by Tal_Klinger

And no, you do not have to spend $2700 for proxies just to connect 30 main accounts. When using 4G proxies, you can connect up to 10 accounts to each of them and 100 accounts if it’s scrapers. So, you only need a total of 4 proxies which is priced at 75 EUR each (our MPSocial price). Just visit my thread to learn more.

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My scrapers stay alive for a month and sometimes more, it seems you are doing something wrong. Can you share your scrapers’ API limits and delays?

Also, you can check my guide below to choose the best proxies and scrapers providers: [GUIDE] My Method To Pick The Best Proxy/Accounts Provider

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it might be your setup and the way you manage/run things and not the scrapers/proxies.
Can you please give us more details about that, what are your actions, API numbers, details about what you do exactly.

You can run multiple accounts per 4G proxy and run scrapers on some cheaper proxies. It’s best that you try changing your proxy provider, it’s possible that issues came from bad proxies. But as said before, you need to share more details about your settings.

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I can help you save heaps. Ive dmd you

Thank you Tal. I have 5 main accounts (including 1 mother, 3 slaves and other main) If I connect all these accounts to one proxy could be risky, it isn’t?.

Instead of using your proxy to these accounts maybe is better to use it for the scrapers. As you said you can’t connect 100 to one proxy and I only have 25 scrapers so it should work fine.

Thanks again.

Thank you AbdelGuerra, I have checked thousands of times with the Jarvee support my settings… I delete all my filters, I changed my proxys, also I change my scraper provider as I said, but the result is the same: all connected - turned on - scrapers get EV and captcha so fast and after doing a few actions (they never reach the action limit) that always take a loooot of time for each action, scrapers are getting EV and captcha.

Other thing is that Jarvee offers the option “email verify using the EB” and also “verify profiles”. After selecting all my scrapers and click on verify profiles most of the scrapers get EV, or captcha so Jarvee don’t verify scrapers (or it only verify to valid when you manually verify one by one and no more than 5 scrapers at the same time…I guess people with 1000 scrapers don’t do it maually) and after clicking on email verify using the EB, jarvee doesn’t verify the account even having clicked previously on Test iMAP/POP3 and having getting a “valid” message of this settings, so… I feel a bit lost.

I started using the tool one year ago and people said that it was really difficult. I think it is now when is impossible…

I do the same things that I’ve been able to do during one year. I have sent thousands of screenshots to jarvee support, but it didn’t work…

I red all of your threats in mp social, maybe I could pay someone for a quick through team viewer to check my settings, or something like that… d-e-s-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n :joy:

Not actually. As I said I tried different settings, proxy and scraper providers from this forum and Jarvee still not working / rejecting the connection of new scrapers / making low actions even without filters, etc…

Hi @KAMAKANY since it’s a dedicated 4G proxy, connecting 5 main accounts to one proxy will just work fine since these proxies have high trust scores. Nevertheless, if you are quite hesitant to test it, yes it will also be perfect for your scrapers.

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