How much money to invest to get 1 milion real followers?


I am wondering how much money does a person need to invest to gain 1.000.000 real followers?
In niche of author, person how writes quotes and talks about ordinary life.

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I guess its a hard question, but does anyone have any idea? :slight_smile:

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If you know what your doing and understand the niche I bet you can gain 1 million for about 10k through paying for shoutouts and such. Maybe more maybe less depending on the niche

it also can cost u zero dollars aswell :slight_smile:

i dont think money can buy 1million REAL followers. you gotta crack this :lock: up on your own<3

To start off, gaining followers will depend on how you set up your account and run the tools (if you use automation). So, make sure to target the correct audience first and have content which can entice users to follow your account. For using automation, you need to use the correct sources so you can target the correct users.

Real followers will depend on the content that you are doing. Users must be interested and find your content creative to gain real followers. You also need to promote your account very well to reach your target goal.

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I’m not sure of the cost, but read up everything from @Alexnvo and watch his interview where he shares how he grew his network to over 4 million followers.

He shows you the real path to get there and he shares his nuggets throughout the forum. :nerd_face:

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There a different ways. You can buy an account in the niche. From my experience 1M follower accounts go for around $25,000 (dependin on different factors, such as demographics, engagement, niche).

You can buy growth. You have giveaway growth, targeted growth, organic growth, etc. This can take quite some time, before you reach 1M followers.

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first of all, look at the other authors – how many have a mill or more? Stone, Alfa , are the tops yet barely break one mill – who it the top in your niche? You gotta look at this in a prectical way – if tops is say one – two million for the biggest poet/author and they have been doing it for 7-8-9 years? what are your chances for reaching a mil? 99.999999 against you. Just try to pay for your first 10k, 50k, 100k and then re evaluate your mill goal.


Alexnvo is right.

I’m in a niche where the biggest account is only 1.6m (but that is world famous and the company makes $150m a year) and the $billion companies only have 1m followers.

I’ll be happy with 200k one day.

Everything is possible, but you have to enjoy the process and take the victories when you can.

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That depends on the methods you use to grow the account and how much time you need to spend before reaching 1M followers.

The fastest way is doing shoutouts and the child/mother method, but that will cost you more money than automation or growing organically.

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Tactics like mother slave would help you get 100k+ but to get to 1mil you would need a lot of money and time. Your content would need to be on par with other authors in your niche and people must love your products and YOU. Otherwise it won’t work.

As others have suggested. Try hit 100k and then see how you feel. At that stage you can network with other big pages and help each other grow.

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  • Starting from scratch ? a lot
  • Starting from an account which is already established with authority ? a lot less (but still, a lot)

I’m currently growing an international renowned author ~900k, and even for him it takes ages to reach the million, with his organic growth. I’d say you should invest a small amount and see what’s your ROI - then you just do some maths in order to predict your ~ future growth

It’s really depends on your skills and connections.
If you start with nothing it can cost more than 50-100K I belive

Another option is giveaway growth, but those followers are almost worthless. But it’s an easy way to grow :wink:

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