How much pv is normal and when to burn the accounts

read through the forum regarding pvs, a lot of the stuff is a little old, so I wanted to gather newer information…

My question is, you guessed it:
How many PVs per account are normal and manageable and when should you consider giving up an account? (I am talking about child accounts, not about main/client accounts)

I read @Tacos reply in another thread saying anything over 5 pvs in 2 weeks is too much, but then again I’ve seen people on BHW saying daily pvs are normal, others saying pvs are bad, give up the account once you get more than 2-3…

I think that getting many pvs is sign of bad account creation or bad proxy, so I think if you get pvs every 2-3 days on the accounts you should give up the accounts and figure out the cause of the pvs…

What do you guys think? Pvs every day / couple of days normal and manageable or nah? :slight_smile:

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from observation around +10 pvs is ban territory.

I personally freak out receiving just 1 pv.

daily pvs are not normal. A normal user doesn’t get daily pvs. 2-3 & give up is a better option. Less headache.

as soon as you get 2 pvs in matter of 3-5 days i would trash the proxy and the account ( if proxy was DC )
and rethink of another strategy to set up the accounts.

And overall PVs mostly get triggered by Speed and Proxies


Is possible to get one client account removed without get any previous PV? :thinking:

Yes , if proxy is bad DC and Account is low Quality it can get your account banned without any EV/PV


Id say in wich period of time, e.g 3-4 pva in a month it’s a black area, 3-4 pva in 3-4 months it can be. Good only once. Then depends on what u’re doing, obv link in bio the risk its higher.

Though seem that u love this argument, so Id rather call yourself, insted of @StayStyled - @StayPva :joy:


In my limited testing with child accounts, due to cost, when I get one PV’d I just burn the account… and start a new one, unless it was doing really well, had a strong following and was worth saving. The cost just doesn’t add up unless you have unlimited and free SIM access.

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Wow reading these replies makes me rethink some of my accounts that get PVs a lot…well in general I just need to get better proxies!

Having several PVs in a short time frame of course is not good. But once you figure out where the PVs come from and you correct that the account sort of will cure itself.

In the end is also a question of roi. If you f*ck up a small account investing in several PVs (even if you don’t do them via a service it is at least your time invested) may not be wise. Just go for a new acc then. Picture is a bit different if the account already has 5k+ follower and good engagement.

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I am at around 3-4 pvs per account (all of them 1-2 weeks old). Seems like you guys recommend to burn the accs and proxies if it continues like this, will probably do so, since I definetly don’t want to scale the number of accs wit these kind of pv numbers lol…
Gonna test all the possibilities and hopefully figure out the cause of them, thanks to all of you for your replies :slight_smile:

Haha give me a couple weeks and that name hopefully won’t suit me anymore, hope so atleast :joy:

same haha, from what I had read at bhw I thought it could be kinda normal, but seems like it ain’t… :hushed:

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ill bet $ accounts are done even if u move them on ur phone and use 4g

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If you get mass pv on new accounts you obviously do something wrong. Are you verifying always with the same number on account level?

Look a bit closer when you get the PVs. If the intervals are shorter than 12 hours then this really means trouble (very bad account creation or f*cked up proxy). If it is longer have a look on your total actions and on your variations/randomisation (keyword fingerprint). If it is not coming from there than maybe stop posting for a couple of days just to make sure it is not coming from there.

By the way… Just checked my statistics… I have one account that actually got 53 PVs within 3 months. I changed a lot and now it runs like a charm. If you are new to the game don’t give up your babies too soon.


Was joking man. That’s the good mindset, keep asking questions till u master. Im pretty sure in a couple of months, u’ll be teaching us.

Write on a piece of paper, what u ve done > brainstorm > cluster in groups with different settings/setup > isolate the problem


THIS IS GOLD --> everybody should write that on their bathroom mirror!


Testing in cluster groups with different settings is how we are all going to stay ahead of this shit together haha


I’m curious what everyone also here experiences when getting a PV…

I verify all of my of PVs with my numbers from speedyverify.

Shortly after verifying an account, sometimes it’s 30 minutes - sometimes it’s a few hours, but I almost always get a 2nd PV.

Is this common? If so, how do you coordinate this with your clients? Have you had any issues if the client later verifies it with their number?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Yeah I am pretty sure I did something wrong at account creation… Currently testing new creation methods out :slight_smile:

Haha thank you for the push, will teach all of you how to dougi (hope you know the dancemove lol)

thanks, yeah that is what I am currently doing on an excel sheet, testing all sorts of combinations with acc creation, proxies, settings ect. and will hopefully find the problem someday lol

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No this is not common. It is actually very bad. If you have done your PV there should be no more for at least several days. Use your own numbers to do the PV and the picture will change dramatically.

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So you are suggesting better getting own numbers instead of getting the speedyverify ones? Thought it was the same in terms of trust…