How much should I be charging companies for product placement?

I have 37k on Instagram and get ~1500 likes per post. My account is based around me. Lots of companies have been reaching out to me recently and I’m unsure of how much I should be expecting them to pay per post (of me with the product). I’m working with one company and getting paid $500 for 4 posts throughout 2017. Would charging $200-$250 for 1 post for 1 company asking to collaborate be good? Is that too much? Is that too little? Let me know, I just want to make sure I don’t get taken advantage of and promote someone for barely any kickback. I’m unsure of how much I should be charging for where my account is at. Thanks so much everyone, sorry to bother I thought you might be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s hard to say because it really depends on your audience. I would slowly increase my prices and see what the companies think about it.

Oh ok :blush: if it helps, mine is a combo of beauty, fashion, fitness, music, makeup, and it’s mainly selfies of myself.

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You can take a look at, search for someone with a follower base similar to your’s and see how much they charge per post


For me as someone who also is in ecom, only sales matter. Even if someone has a 1.5 Million follower account, if there is not the right amount of sales generated, the account is worthless to me for a 2nd promotion. So if you are capable of pushing sales, charge one-time fees and not packages. If you are not capable of generating sales, offer packages, because you wont have recurring customers.

Regarding the price, I personally would never pay so much for that amount of engagement. Try to find more companies like that.


Thankyou so much that really helped!!! I think ~150 is more suitable for my page. :slightly_smiling_face: Also would you recommend to join is it a good website for this sort of thing?

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Ok awesome thanks for the insight :slightly_smiling_face: I’m pretty good at pushing sales so I will try to stick with the one time posts!

trust what cooper says lol. He knows a lot about this kind of stuff

Haha will do :grin:

What is your niche?

I think different ones can cost different depending on what and who your advertising for.

I have a page at 21k and I get 1600-2k likes a post average and I only would charge about 25 bucks an hour. and $40 for a permanent post.

Your following doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the engagement to back it. Someone can have 500k and get like 9k likes a post, and that is complete shit. I have not even a fraction of that and am getting almost 2k average.

If your engagement is low which is sort of is with the likes and the goal you have, you should be aiming a lot lower of a sale point, engagement means A LOT for an account.

If you look at my latest post I have A LOT of pointers on how to keep your audience engaged and how to drag in some engagement from them, that is if you have access to LVL 2 posts.

I would suggest for your size and engagement around 25-35 bucks an hour. If a company wants a permanent post on your wall forever I would say about 45-50. When your bigger and grow you slowly increase.

One thing I do know, the meme niche is perfect for engagement. Everyone loves a good meme.

Mine is a personal page of myself with selfies, fitness, music/singing from me, my clothes/fashion, beauty etc. Pages aren’t wanting to buy shoutouts, but it’s more of a sponsorship where a company wants to send me a product and I post a photo on my page wearing/using it.
I will definitely take that into account :slightly_smiling_face:
& I am a ‘Regular’, I clicked on your page but I don’t think I could see it. Could you link me to it? Maybe I’m not high enough of a level yet.

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It’s in the Instagram Tutorials and Guides section of the Instagram section of the forum.

If you have access this would be it


Go here and see what it says.

Usually people charge 10$ every 1K followers, or 0,07-0,10 per like, or 5-10$ every 1K followers and the higher the engagement the more you get oriented to the 10, the lower the more you are oriented towards the 5.

The following are some comments I read in the past weeks in groups of influencers:

  • My first Insta-only post was when I had 2500 followers and I charged $25.

  • I have 20k and charge up to $300. I have a blog, but that’s just for Insta posts! The lowest I charge is $150

  • I’ve been charging for posts since I hit 5k (now at 23k).

  • The bulk of my sponsored posts are Instagram only. I’m at almost 35k followers and I’m getting $250-$325 a post and will be raising my rates once I hit 40k.

  • I have almost 5 k followers and are just finding brands interested now. I’m slowly growing but I think 5k and closer to 200 likes is like some sort of magic number for brands lol. When I hit 10k I’ve been told by some of the larger brands they will start working with you.

  • I think I had 4K when I worked with them the first time. I’m not sure why you would wait to monetize at 10k, I started charging brands when I hit 5k and I’m doing just fine. I also work with photographers. Just do what you want! If you want to work with big brands, don’t be scared to reach out!

  • I always ask for a media kit when looking to pay for a sponsored post. I usually pay $75 for someone with 50k+ and I’ve paid $150 for someone with over 100k

The following are some of the many websites that connect influencers and brands (in my experience they don’t work, but many people use them). There’s many more, I’m just pasting an old list I made, if you want more just ask:


And recently I read about a girl charging 1K$ for a single IG post and she had about 30K followers and just 300 likes per picture on average…

So don’t sell yourself cheap, the right companies are going to pay you well…


@Rick (out of topic), for one sec, I thought your profile pic was Rick of The Walking Dead.

Thank you for this info. Now we can charge from $200. :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

That is Dr. Christian Troy :wink:

yeah he is familiar.

Should I answer that question too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @Rick

Does this site work only with one account per user? I tried to sign up.
I have quite a few accounts that could benefit from this.

Never tried 'cause I only have my personal account. But I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, it’s a free tool.
You just have to log out and in again with the next account I guess.

And remember to hit the “refresh” button when you get more followers or if your engagement changes as it does not update the values automatically.

A second vote for Social Blue Book - what is really useful is that you can email their suggested rates directly from SBB so whoever you are pitching knows there is a method behind the numbers.


For real?!

Attaching this to our media kit would be a great idea, yeah?