How much should I be paying for manual IG growth?

I’ve been looking at doing manual IG growth since I’ve lost many accounts doing jarvee and other bot tools. Over the last couple of days I’ve been looking to hire a VA to do the growth manually and I was thinking $100 a month should be enough. Then I got multiply offer for 200-500$ a month and I was thinking that this was way too much.

What are you guys thought on this?

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What exactly looking for?
A VA that works for you (you as the provider), or another provider growing your accounts (you as the client)?

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A Price of 50-100 USD is a great and affordable price for Manual growth,Also depends what are you providing besides F/UF for a Manual Growth for 50-100 USD.

That can be anything ranging from Likes and Comments,Welcome Dm,Growth Reports,Custom and Special Requests,Whitelist Etc…


I personally charge 75 USD a Month for Manual Growth Service And I think this is a decent price and way to go for all of the Clients.

@schoko are you asking me? I’m not looking for anything.

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@razentyler is right


Seems like I should be looking here instead…
But how can I verify that I won’t be scammed by anyone here?

Look at the average income per countries
If $2 per hour is the lowest you can find think about it
$2 x 30 days = $60
is 1 hour a day enough to do all actions you need?
Will someone really split up their day e.g. do 15 mins burst of actions per day to achieve your target accounts per day,(like/follow/unfollow)

Thinking like this, do you really think someone offering you $ sub 50 below per month to do manual growth is real?
If you think so, you either find a really good supplier or you need a reality check. Especially if they tell you first day, we have to follow 15+ etc and increase daily, come on think about it.

You have to understand that someone that manages manual growth have business expenses to pay to, their own time, their own employees.

the price I mentioned above is most likely for you to directly look for one and teach them how to do things.

Think big picture, if you cheap out you get cheap service you get cheap quality. If it sounds to good then it is most likely to good to be true, think business.
Good luck

You have a shitlist section here,If you are scammed then you can post a shitlist here about the Person and if he is proven guilty,He/She will be Banned from this Forum.Also you can send Payments from Paypal Business so you can do chargebacks if needed.

I’ve seen rated as low as 40$ and 46$ /month, both tested and reality checked :slight_smile:

But mostly, rated are around 100 $, actually


… of course!

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I think you shouldn’t go for more than 70$ for manual growth and a few other services.

70-100$ is the sweet spot for manual also make sure it’s service from Europe or US. About getting scammed - Every service provider; ask for Paypal payment so you’ll make sure to get refunded if nothing happens.

That’s a good precision to point out to clients for manual growth. Because let’s be honest, we all been growing at some point - below average - mother accounts quality, and growth can be reduced quite a lot compared to awesome content.

That’s why clients & marketers should at start analyze the account to grow itself, and see what they can do to improve it. That’s what every good marketers should do.

I’ve seen tons of clients with 2k followings… Shit bio or awfull feed.
You can’t grow what isn’t meant to grow : after all, content is and has always been king :slight_smile:

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Most of the growth services don’t care about customer experience. their only goal is they get paid. Working on improving the client experience will not only result in his satisfaction also it will increase in repeat customer rat.

How can a US provider charge 70-100$ for manual growth with the hourly labour cost that will never add up.
Unless you mean US provider but outsourcing to developing countries, if that’s the case finding a provider from the developing country would be more cost effective?

Minimum federal wage per hour is $7.25? so you are paying 10 hours per month for someone to do manual growth 1 hour month of work, you telling me someoen can do 100+f/uf/like in less than an hour?

Just to be clear here, there is no manual growth provider that provide F/U with workers in T1 country. Otherwise, they couldn’t compete with developing countries.

No, it won’t actually :

  1. Providers don’t align their rates regarding the country they live in, but regarding the competition pricing. So they will charge the same, overall.

  2. There are very few providers from these countries, anyway

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depends really how you do it, if you pay a va 500 bucks a month she can easily work on 10 instagram accounts ? + some infrastructure costs i’d say doable with 60 bucks ?

ofc the trick is labor, you can’t pay someone 3000 bucks a month to do FU