How much should you ask for recurring payment using Jarvee Instagram automation?

After the 1 week trial, what should be my price range and monthly subscription?
I have been doing Instagram automation for months but I don’t have the money to spend for 4g proxy so I thought about focusing on a single client independently.
Take into consideration the cost for VPS (Greencloud) and Jarvee Subscription.
Let me know what I should do and charge for automation so I can reach my goal to afford a proxy and bring aboard more clients.

That’s your call.

There’s no dollar amount anyone can suggest here that is right for you. Some people charge low amounts, some charge high.

It all depends on your expected client(s), your sales capabilities, your expenses and desired income and how you value your time.


Really depends what you’re offering them, and your skill level. Easy way to get an idea of what your competition prices are, just inquire within as a potential client. Ask them what they offer, and for what price… compare that with what you’re able to do, and price accordingly.

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Agree @Klique. you should find what is the market price in your country/region.

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How do I find out my cost in my region? I am probably going to set it for $20/month.

where do you live? :thinking: planning to move there

New Rochelle, New york
lol :sweat_smile:
There aren’t a lot of tech jobs in New Rochelle, it is mostly a suburban area.

$20 month? :man_facepalming: Cmon lol, you think your time is worth 20$ a month? I don’t move my finger under $200 monthly, and you shouldn’t do anything under $100 at least, you are just lowering price for everybody else…


And you live in NY, my Country is like more then 3x cheaper then this, so push those prices up haha

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Lol perhaps I am selling myself a little too short :joy:

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Do you have a testimonial?

When yes:

  • no free trial
  • focus on 1 niche
  • copywriting in the language of your niche
  • target the right people
  • $100-200

When not:

  • get the first client as soon as possible, even offering the very first one for free and ask if you could use his account as a testimonial
  • get him good results
  • and then :arrow_up:

My current situation is similar to yours, but I live in Brazil. :joy: I still dont know how much to charge, my only client at the moment is my wife lol I grow her face painting business instagram.
The rest of my accounts are my own creation for affiliate marketing purposes.
I’ve already arranged a meeting for one potential client (he owns a small restaurant near my house and his instagram has currently around 250 followers) and I’m thinking of using their case as testimonial, so I dont know about pricing yet (even considering doing it for free for the first month maybe)
any tips guys?

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gold tips, thanks for this

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Oh, I remember you. :blush:
Yes, I have 3 clients, one potential paying client and 2 most likely used for testimonial purposes. The potential paying client works at the career fair so that is a client plus sponsorship. That will hopefully give me 3 testimonials and 1 paying customer right out the gate. *fingers crossed
Hey, if you ever decide on getting a website for your social media marketing business, I am willing to lend a hand. :wink:

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Agree - atleast $100/month

I don’t really sell follow/unfollow as a service. Right now, my most profitable service is story viewing when it comes to automation. I’ve sold follow/unfollow in the past for pricing between $100-$297/month, always focusing on a handful of clients versus a massive f/uf agency as it was an easy low-ticket service to throw in automating it with Instagress or Jarvee.

Double agree: at least 100$
Do not be afraid of charging more!
Also the one’s who pay less are normally the worst Clients :joy:


@koin3190 If I don’t have a proxy atm, I should automate the paid client account and pause and stop all other accounts until I afford proxies, right?

Please do not charge $20 per month.

I charge $150 to $500 per month for just growth.


You can run 5 off your home IP, take the revenue and buy a proxy